More Hipstamatic & Polarize

Stuff I collected over the last few days… Finished two rolls of film as well, but have to wait till they are developed, so in the meantime more of Hipstamatic and Polarize…

This dog was looking out of the window and started barking at me, when I took out my iPhone. Perhaps it didn’t like to be photographed?


Short walk in the evening, came by these chairs, thought they had to be in colour, so again Hipstamatic and not B&W film.

Old magazines in a kiosk




Found some strawberries!

Love this kind of grass. It looks beautiful.

More colours.

That’s it folks!

4 thoughts on “More Hipstamatic & Polarize

  1. Aloha,

    i like the last one – ´cause i really looove polaroid: always reminds me of “memento” – & the portrait of your feet best:
    really make´s me smile


    1. Hiya!
      Thanks for dropping by!
      The feet one actually was an accidental pic, but then I liked it somehow and so it made it into the blog…
      Note to myself – have to watch memento finally, been on my list for too long already… that’s the film where this guy has to reconstruct the story from backwards because he has lost his memory, right?

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