Vienna, September 2010

Well, where to start… Seems it’s finally autumn, my holidays are over, I’m back to work and thus have not as much time anymore to take pictures.

I started developing film at home, which works surprisingly well, considered that these are only the first few rolls… Means I’ll have something to do for all those long dark winter evenings that are to come all too soon… But for now, there’s still sun and the beautiful golden light you only get in autumn!

A few pictures I took during the last one or two weeks.





Man trägt jetzt schwarz. – Offensichtlich doch nicht!

Tried to translate it, but it seems to work only in German – sorry!

Really liked how the exposure turned out…


Contrary lifestyles.

Umbrellas on my way to work.

Now wonder they looked so confused, considering the conflicting messages of the traffic signs.

Real life Jenga.

On the phone.

In case you are lost – Mozart knows the way!

Would have worked better in colour, as the bags were both screaming yelllow. Cut off half their heads…

Just a test shot in Votivkirche. 1/4th of a second.

Film – Agfa APX 100 developed in Rodinal 1+50.

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