Dark November

Been trying to cope with the lack of sun and daylight during the last weeks by experimenting with pushed TriX. Found it quite challenging to expose in the night with all the highly illuminated shop windows and at the same time rather dark areas in one frame… Any tips/ideas?

On my way to work I found these guys pumping wine into the Christmas market stall. They also had some pre-mixed mulled wine concentrate in canisters in their van. Guess you better make your own mulled wine at home just to make sure that what you’re drinking is really wine!

Some shots taken after work as it was already dark outside.

Two ladies while window shopping.

Buying chestnuts.

Christmas lights.

Busy on the phone.

Again chestnuts.

This guy was filming the people around a Christmas market stall.

Little spiderman playing computer games while the grwon-ups around him are busy drinking mulled wine.

Somewhat scary display in a Christmas market stall.

Drinking mulled wine with some of my colleagues.

If some of you remember my entry about people queuing for the Frida Kahlo exhibition – here I found some people queuing for Schnitzel. =)

Out of service.

Again the guys with the wine pump.

Was meant to be just a test shot, but I liked how it came out.

Saw this guy in the tram writing music on his macbook, next to his cello. Just made me think that it felt kinda Viennese to me….

Transporting a large painting.

Out in the cold on the phone.

Again the Christmas lights thing…

Stupid newspaper. Says something like “the new Lady Di”. I always wonder how they manage to write the most stupid things everyday. I mean it’s probably quite hard to come up with all this ridiculous stuff all the time, but somehow they manage… Well…

All shots Trix 400 @ 3200 in Rodinal 1+50.

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