Hipstamatic V


The nearer we get to Christmas, the shorter my weekends are. So now as the end of the weekend is approaching, I thought of posting a few Hipstamatic pics. I didn’t have time to take any other pictures – even though my Leica is with me almost everywhere, it seems that my brain is already too tired to react and think and be able to see pictures when they come up… Time seems to fly at this time of the year, and my life seems to consist mainly of sleeping and working – the joys of retail before Christmas! But let’s hope it turns out to be a good Christmas (saleswise), then there’s enough time to relax after all the hard work. So here we go:

Anakin’s lightsabre in the underground.

Re-watching big brother.

Out of service.

Love the new DreamCanvas film.

A lovely coffee shop in Graz.

Coffee and tea definitely help when you’re working long hours.

Fairy lights in the shopping mall on DreamCanvas.

Cheers, Anja

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