Last Frames of the Old Year

Thought I’d share the last few frames of the old year with you.


Working place of a Christmas tree vendor.

Angels also do window shopping sometimes.

The writing on the bench says “Christmas is going to be wonderful”.

People buying Christmas trees on 23rd of December.

On the morning of 24th of December I went on a small tour to wish all my colleagues in Vienna a Merry Christmas, as I already had holidays. Walked through the city and watched other people being in a hurry and carrying home their Christmas trees.

The guy walking around the corner looks a bit like Jean Reno to me.

More Christmas tree carrying.

Snack while reading the latest news.

And a last one on my way home.

So, that’s it for 2010!

I wish you all a happy new year!

All pictures TriX 400 in Rodinal 1+50.

3 thoughts on “Last Frames of the Old Year

    1. Thanks for your visit, Richard!
      Happy you liked it!
      And now off you go and finish that blog entry I’m waiting for! 😉 Just kidding – but I really look forward to it!

      1. 😉 You’re too funny! I finally found some time to advance my blog and it should be done by tomorrow AM. I never thought it would be filled with around 170 pictures! By the way I took the time to go through all of your entries here and I have to say there are some really fantastic shots!!! I also noticed a progression in the way you shoot and its really cool to see! You know, I like using my canon by I too get sick of carrying a hunk of metal that big… and loud. Still enjoying your M6? I was thinking of going for one also, really committing to having only that option.

        I like my Electro 35 but its miss-aligned and I ruined many shots with the back focussing. 😦

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