Vienna – Manchester – Poole

I just returned from a (business) trip to the UK. Usually I don’t manage to shoot any pictures whenever I’m not travelling for private purposes, don’t know why, it just seems that my brain is too busy or too exhausted to even see stuff that usually would make my finger itch to push the trigger. This time I thought I would give it a try and managed to expose one roll after all – I know, not much, but still a little improvement.

But first some pictures from Vienna, the first ones taken this year.

At McD.

Sunday morning after visiting the René Burri exhibition.

Weird window display.

On that morning on my way to work I noticed how strange the sunlight looked. It took me about 20 minutes to realize/remember, that there was a partial solar eclipse on that morning (yes, I’m not a morning person… really slow thinking at that time of the day…). There were people trying to see the obscured sun – that’s how I finally realized why the light looked so differently.

A plastic pig in a car…

More solar eclipse watching.

There were also lots of cool reflections everywhere.

At Starbucks. Actually I just wanted to prove to my boyfriend that most of the time people don’t realize/mind that you are taking pictures of them. Seems I was right! 🙂

These are just ordinary ice floes, but it came out kinda strange…


I really like this one! When I saw her I just hoped she would hold the pose until I pressed the shutter, as I had to get nearer to make the frame work. And I really got lucky this time!

“Du hast es in der Hand” – “It’s in your hands”

Quite windy in the city these days.

Espresso before boarding the plane to London.

I just love it when all of a sudden the sunlight comes in through the window.

Yes – cliché.

This was the view out of my hotel room in Manchester, the sun was just rising, it was beautiful!

A few random shots taken in Manchester.

Before I had to leave to head back South I went and had a look at Claire’s exhibition – there are just a few days left, but if you have the chance, go and have a look:

Colour Street Photography by Claire Atkinson

Tesco bag – tells you that you’re in the UK. On the train to Poole.

Fast asleep.

Poole Harbour at night. 1/4 second @ 2.0.

Sandbanks Ferry Terminal.

I think it’s Old Harry Rocks in the far distance… Anyway, the view on the sea was beautiful and really relaxing.

All pictures Trix 400 in Rodinal 1+50.

3 thoughts on “Vienna – Manchester – Poole

  1. Nice entry! I really enjoyed the plastic pig and the morning light on the buildings. Glad you had a chance to shoot and share!

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