Hipstamatic VI

Time for some more Hipstamatic stuff. Think I took this still in December…

No rangefinders here!!! This one actually was very funny, as it was right at the entrance to the René Burri exhibition – woh apparently took lots of his pictures with a Leica rangefinder… 🙂

The next two look almost like postive – negative… Colourwise… In a way…

South Sea dreams in the city.

It seems like I mostly took pictures of different kinds of rubbish…


And more rubbish…

Fish tanks make for some nice light!

Sunset colours.

Oh my… At least in a bin this time…

Briliant textures.

Promise I won’t take any rubbish pictures (sorry for the pun) for a while! 🙂

4 thoughts on “Hipstamatic VI

    1. Thanks for dropping by!
      For the picture you mentioned I chose Helga Viking Lens & DreamCanvas film. My favourite lens is John S and I quite like Pistil film… If that is of any help to you! 🙂

  1. Loved this entry!!! Wow twice in the same week… what a treat! 🙂
    I think that your hipstamatic shots are truly great! Loved the textures you’ve captured but also the way in which you captured them, there’s a sense of composition I truly appreciate.
    I especially loved the positive/negative ones and the three last ones!

    1. Have another entry waiting in the wings, not done much shooting, but still enough to post…
      The three last ones are also my favourites in this entry. The positive/negative I only spotted when I put together the entry, as they weren’t next to each other before I did the selection… Was quite a nice surprise I have to say! 🙂
      Now off to read your entry, just quickly looked over it today, but as it was around 6:00am I wasn’t really ready to process anything… Just too early for me…

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