It’s been a while since my last entry – I just couldn’t take any pictures. Didn’t feel “it” when I was walking around in the city and whenever I forced myself to just take some pictures, they were crap… But after I was in the UK again and did a lovely trip on a fishing boat (amongst other things), I finally have a few (quite random) pictures to share.

This one is in Vienna – Westbahnhof. The background is quite confusing and distracting a bit…

Vienna, Judenplatz. Holocaust Memorial.

Beautiful pattern on the tarmac, gritting salt leftovers.

This is one of te weirdest window displays I have ever seen. I came across this when walking past a bakery in my neighbourhood a few days after Peter Alexander, a famous Austrian entertainer, had died. It’s his portrait in the window…

Ordering pizza.

Breakfast in the city.


This was at Heathrow Terminal 5, this guy obviously was waiting for someone. I found his fake Lederhosen quite cool!

The sea.

Wings. Or what was left of them…


Boats being taken back by nature.

Did a little photo hunt with a colleague.

Fishing industry.

We did a boat trip to see how seaweed is harvested (which is actually just ripped of stones). We had lovely weather – great to be on the water! Pete, who ownes the boat, also has a fish restaurant, so if you ever happen to be in Poole, Dorset, go and have some of his lovely fish in Storm Restaurant – I promise, it’s totally worth it! Best fish I have ever eaten!

Life jackets.

My lovely colleagues.

Back at the airport. Sleeping people.

Back in Vienna, where it was cold an rainy – English weather in Austria, luckily I got some sunshine in England!

That’s it for today, just scanning two rolls I shot today (alongside some colour film) in the Prater, wating to see how the pictures turned out. But just the fact that I shot three rolls today, which is more than I shot in the last few weeks and I even enjoyed it, is a good sign after all…

Films as usual TriX 400 in Rodinal 1+50.

One thought on “Random

  1. Happy to see you’re shooting again! Looks like you had a nice time on your trip. Loved the shots in the boat and the texture one also!
    Looking forward to some more!

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