Wiener Prater – Colour

And now for something completely different… or maybe not so different…

In an attempt to loosen up my “photography block” I took my camera to the Wiener Prater – it’s a kind of amusement park, where the famous Riesenrad – a ferris wheel – is located, alongside other attractions. Initially I snapped away in black and white, but I felt like finally using one of my long expired Agfacolor Ultra 100 rolls. Back when they discontinued it, I bought all rolls I could get hold of, as it used to be my favourite colour film – very saturated, rich colours. But then I bought a DSLR and completely gave up on film. So the Ultra 100 rolls went off, as I also missed the point where it would have made sense to store them in a cool place.  Since I started shooting film again I always hesitated to use these rolls of film, as I didn’t know how messed up they would already be. But as I went out that day to loosen up my trigger finger with the goal not to think about how the pictures would come out, just to make sure I would go out and shoot, it felt like the right time to use one of these old rolls. And I have to admit – I am so pleased with the outcome. The colours are way off, but they look lovely (to me at least) and kinda fit the anyways weird crazy overdone colours in the Prater.

So in order to lead you into this colour experiment, just a nice example of weird crazy overdone colours – frame not particularly good, but colours – well, see for yourself:

I just realized most of the pictures I took show people watching someting… Even the figures (or whatever you would call these decoration things) are watching out for something…

Funny to watch all these people watching something…



Blue. Got spotted there…

Pink #2.

Flying sombreros.

Candy floss.

Rest of the Prater pictures in black and white coming soon!

Film Agfacolor Ultra 100.

2 thoughts on “Wiener Prater – Colour

  1. Lovely colors Anja!!! So cool so this an entry like this from you 😉 Sometimes expired film turns out better than in real life… its like it gives this look of hyperrealism that I really enjoy looking at.
    Nice work! I especially like the one you posted on DA and the one before that.

    1. really happy to hear that you liked the entry!
      it was an experiment, but turned out suprisingly satisfying… but now i don’t want to use up the rest of my expired agfacolor stash! 😉 will have to keep it for special occasions probably – or just go with it, have fun and when it’s gone it’s gone – difficult decision…

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