Wiener Prater – B/W

Here come the black & white pictures I took last Sunday alsongside the coloured ones (see last blog entry for those).

In the subway on my way to the Prater.

Wrapped dustbin.


Serious picture taking.

A couple of couples in the next frames…

Cotton candy.

He kept standing there for the longest time.

The little one changed his means of transport and was eager to have a go on the bumper car.

Enjoying the Sunday afternoon.

This is what individualism looks like! 🙂


Another couple.


Two plus one.

Three plus two.

Chair art close-up.

The whole thing.

Usual combo TriX 400 in Rodinal 1+50.

3 thoughts on “Wiener Prater – B/W

  1. Wow two entries in such a short time! A very nice treat 🙂 I love the first one, very cool composition especially the two people back to back that’s what makes it for me. And the forth one! It almost looks like 3 statues of the same guy, so cool! Actually this whole entry was fun to look at because of those elements, symmetry, duality and mimic. Very nice Anja!

    1. i took these pictures on the same day as the colour ones, was interesting to see how differently you look at situations wether you shoot colour or b&w.
      realized after posting the entry that i could have done even more “couples” – make it a longer series, but then somehow i sticked with the chronology… but it’s really interesting how sometimes you only notice a certain theme when putting together an entry, as opposed to view the pictures just as single exposures.

      1. That’s sooo true! And that is why I think having a blog or doing these kind of entries is important. It will take you to another level when selecting your photos and maybe see something you would have missed otherwise. In any case, its great to learn and grow from it. I seriously hope we could shoot street together one day! It would be cool to see how we would shoot the same subjects from our own perspectives.

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