The Passing of Time

I tried something a bit different this time, as I discovered while editing the shots from the last weeks, that I had something like a theme going on. So for once I decided to not have a chronological entry, but one that just shows all the pictures that go with the theme.

It seems that I was drawn to take pictures of people that were either waiting for someone/something, had stopped to make a phone call, were having a break or were just waiting for time to pass. Most of the pictures were taken while I was travelling last week, just as if the amount of time I spent waiting myself made me (subconsciously) aware of other people doing the same…

Keep your eyes peeled for the next entry!

Films – TriX 400 & APX 100 in Rodinal 1+50.

5 thoughts on “The Passing of Time

  1. Very nice! I like the diversity of shots you got in this one. I really like the second shot and the last one.

    I just think the second one could have been very busy or confusing looking but you did a fine job here and the last one stuck with me for the unusual way in which the foot is placed and makes me think that perhaps the other one is in the same position.

    Also the girl with sunglasses getting a spot of sun on her, nice!

    1. The second one was just outside Gatwick Airport, where my boss and I were waiting for our driver to arrive. I just felt I wanted to take a picture of the two guys in this not really nice waiting area, which I guess confused by boss a little bit (pretty understandable – why would anyone take a picture of two guys smoking and waiting under an ugly scaffolding!?). 😉

      I was really surprised by the positive feedback on the legs/feet shots, but it encourages me to follow my instincts, as this one was as well a moment where I just stood there, waiting as well and felt like “oh this would make a nice shot” and I almost didn’t bother to just do it… Glad I did though…

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