Pillow Fight

Before I am going to show you the rest of the pictures I took last week in the UK, there are a few pictures I took on the 2nd of April – the International Pillow Fight Day 2011 – that I wanted to put online first.

I really struggled with exposing, as the light changed all the time (sunny/cloudy), I knew I only had about 5 minutes to catch the whole thing, plus I also somehow messed up when developing the film afterwards – it came out okay, but then I noticed a slightly brown tint of the negatives and on one or two strange patterns that must have turned up during development (I guess). So if anyone has an idea where that came from, let me know!

Last preparations before the fight.

Lineup on both sides.

Let the fighting begin!

Clash of the oppsing sides.

The first pillow explodes.

Leaving the battle zone. This one makes me laugh every time I look at it!

Heavy fighting going on.

Another pillow gone.

I wasn’t the only photographer there, as you can imagine.

This one is my favourite.

See the stuff that looks like light streaks at the bottom of this one? I think it must have something to do with developing, but not sure… It’s on several other frames as well, but best visible in this one.

Celebrating the end of the fight.

Starting to clean up.


Film – TriX 400 in Rodinal 1+50.

4 thoughts on “Pillow Fight

  1. What a lovely entry! So much fun to see! Of course I enjoyed many takes but my favorite have to be :

    – Reminds me of the movie Lionheart 🙂 Its so intense yet the pillows make this offensive tolerable… nice moment! I like how grand this scene becomes with all the sculptures in the background… also like BenHur

    – I just like how you composed it and what we don’t see is what I find most interesting.

    – My favorite I think! 🙂 Its so great to see all those pillows in suspension and the light gray tones came out nicely gives it dimension and an almost sculptural quality amongst the architecture.

    Very nice Anja!
    Hope you’re doing well,
    À bientôt!

    1. Richard, thanks as always for your thoughts!
      It was really fun to watch the two sides lining up and then rushing towards the batte field in the middle – and indeed it felt a little bit like in a movie.
      Also knowing that there were only about 5 minutes to take pictures added to the excitement.

      Couldn’t decide which of the three “end celebrations” I liked the most, so it was interesting to see which one you liked best. Guess the last of the three wouldn’t have been in the blog if it hadn’t been for that smilie pillow.

      Looking forward to some days to relax over the Easter holidays, hope all is well with you!


    Looks really fun! :-)… I even got excited just by looking at the photos :-)… great job in capturing them…

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