From Morocco to South Africa…

…in one evening, or should I say in one dinner?

We had a Moroccan salad with oranges, dates, nuts, mint and orange blossom water for starters and South African Bobotie (if you don’t know it, google it, it’s a yummy dish made with spiced minced meat and a topping made of eggs & cream, spicy and sweet and fresh at the same time) as main course.

Actually I just took a few pictures because the light coming in through the window looked so lovely on the freshly prepared ingredients.

The salad being put into bowls – that silvery thing is a fork (sunlight had already vanished, so quite long exposure here).

And the Bobotie… I had to tuck in first and take pictures afterwards!

See how quick you can go from the North of Africa to the very South – it’s possible in one evening!

Btw, I did not cook, credits for that go to my boyfriend.

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