Hipstamatic VII

Haven’t done much street shooting during the last weeks. So just a few Hipstamatic snapshots from the last weeks and months.

Gritting salt and water. It was still freezing cold when I took these pictures.

Morning light in the tram. Full quote on the bag was “Fuck you …Picasso (Pollock). Might be a bit mis-quoted, I think…

RGB & Y.

Been on planes too often during the last months…

Rainy days in the UK.

Lush greens in Vienna.

Hope you enjoyed!

3 thoughts on “Hipstamatic VII

  1. Hey Anja! I really like the fact that when you shoot with your Hipstamatic you take a whole different approach. The textures you capture and shapes are really interesting, they could very well be a CD cover or some background for a poster. Nicely done!

    Three first ones are my fav but also the three last ones are great!
    Hope you’re having a nice week. Hope you make it to Berlin, would love to see the results 🙂

    1. Hi Richard!
      Thanks as always for sharing your thoughts. I started to think about why it is that in some moments I choose the iPhone over another camera, or let’s say my Canon over the Leica or vice versa… Guess I can’t put it down to some rational reason. Same goes for using colour film or b&w, while I have to say b&w it is for most of the time because I can develop it myself and that’s so much cheaper, but still sometimes I feel a picture needs to be taken in colour or it needs to be b&w. Gut feeling, again…
      Haven’t heard back from Chris yet, guess I should try and ask Severin… Just in case Chris doesn’t log in on deviantart.

      1. I completely agree with you, its like a feeling you get the more you take pictures or train your photographic eye (if there is such a thing). You get a feeling about taking a shot in colour or bw, the hipstamatic is a good companion for those moments when you want to capture the essence or vibe. Graphically I think it is an interesting tool.

        I just read on Facebook that he (Sev) will be sending some info on Berlin soon. You should contact him… soon. He put a new blog up about LA if you didn’t already know.

        Have a nice weekend!

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