Ice Cream

Some commercial stuff for a change – I was asked to take pictures of a recently opened ice cream salon in Vienna. It’s  a lovely, tiny shop where you can get some of the best ice cream I’ve ever eaten in my life (honestly!).

The ice cream is made with organic milk, locally sourced fruit and vegetables, no preservatives, no synthetic flavouring, no food colouring (there are also some vegan varieties available).

A few of my favourite selects.

If you want to see the shop or enjoy an ice cream – here you go:


There should be some street stuff coming along soon, will be on the road again during the next weeks, which is always a nice opportunity to shoot street with a fresh eye…

3 thoughts on “Ice Cream

  1. Yuuuummmy! If making me want to eat ice cream was the desired effect… well you were very successful 🙂 Very nice Anja! Its great to see some of your commercial work for a change. You’ve captured a nice mood throughout the whole series of photos and of course the close-up ones are my Favs. Great job! Nice lens also 🙂

    1. Actually the term commercial might be a bit misleading, I just didn’t know how to categorise it, as I usually just do these kinds of pictures whenever somebody asks me for it… It’s not that I make a living from taking commercial pictures, it’s more like every few years somebody comes along and asks me to take a few pictures, which I then usually enjoy doing, but then also enjoy going back to just shoot what I like personally. But I’m glad they pleased your eye and made you long for ice cream – means they do what they were supposed to do! 🙂

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