Our Inner Child

A short series from Berlin, shot shortly before I had to head back to the airport. The whole day had been a bit chaotic, because in the morning I discovered that all airports in Northern Germany were closed due to a cloud of Icelandic volcanic ashes heading South. So I booked tickets for the night train, only to discover in the afternoon that flights from Berlin were up and running again. So I ended up with a flight and a train ticket to take me home…

Anyways, I did have very little time to wander around in Berlin and thus did not take that many pictures, this series being the biggest part.

A shopping mall on Alexanderplatz had these gorgeous Lego window displays with all sorts of oversized Lego models, which attracted almost everyone who walked by. This is a small selection of people admiring the models, which made me think of how I used to love Lego and how obviously it was still attracting kids (and grown up kids) today…

Film: Kodak Portra 400 VC.

One thought on “Our Inner Child

  1. I’ve always been obsessed with Lego ever since I was a child. I could spend countless hours just building things out of them. These are figurines are truly amazing! Its fun to see how you’ve captured people’s curiosity for them. 🙂

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