Sticky Tar Sands Protest

As part of a European campaign Lush Cosmetics staff had themselves covered in molasses (representing dirty oil extracted from Tar Sands in Alberta, Canada) in front of their shops in 21 countries.

Oil extracted from Tar Sands in Canada is considered the most destructive project on planet Earth – it pollutes rivers and soil, destroys pristine boreal forest and kills wildlife and people. Not to mention the carbon footprint for this kind of oil extraction. If want to know more about this issue, here are some interesting links:

The Tar Sands Blow – a short clip on youtube

Dirty Oil – very informative documentary about the Alberta Tar Sands

Indigenous Environmental Network – an organisation campaigning against Tar Sands in Canada (amongst other topics they work on) – good info on the Tar Sands project and its devastating consequences.

Anyhow, I was there to take pictures of the event, and these are my favourite selects.

I liked her expression, she was the girl being covered in molasses, so just before she had molasses poured over her head, she suspiciously eyed the press guys.

A few moments later…

Yuck, see the sticky mess on my fingers!?

Starting to clean up the sticky mess.

5 thoughts on “Sticky Tar Sands Protest

  1. Hmm interesting form of protest. This reminds me of the time a few months back when I was out having a few drinks with a friend and a guy from canada approached us and we started talking, and I mentioned the Tar sands and he said “oh yeah I work there” and I said “oh yeah you’re raping the Earth”, and he was quite pissed. In the end I think it could have ended worse and I’m pretty glad he didn’t kick my ass 😀

    1. He is probably earning shitloads of money in the Tar Sands, that’s why he might not be so keen on criticism… But still I think it’s important to let people know that what happens there is dangerous for all of us… Preferably without having your ass kicked! 🙂

  2. The molasses look so close to crude oil but I imagine much easier to remove! Thank you for the links Anja, I’ll have to take a closer look at this… especially that its happening right here in my country. These days it seems like people (business people) are hungrier than ever to get a piece of the pie, no matter what the cost for humanity and the for the planet. I hate generalizing, I really do, but I have yet to meet a business type person with whom I can have a decent and open conversation. At the end of it all I always come out looking like a dreamer or with no ambition… because my goal is other than making money. Now that I have a little boy on the way it is more important than ever to take these matters seriously.

    Thanks for sharing and very nice shots! I especially like the front close-up shot with the rose and where you see her feet.

    1. …plus molasses is absolutely nontoxic!
      This is what shocked me the most about all this – that a lot of Canadians don’t even know. I guess the companies & the government try to keep it as secret as possible – not really a project to be proud of. I think I know what you mean about business people not caring about anything than money. I guess I have to consider myself really lucky, working for a company that bases decisions on the fact if it’s the right thing to do…
      So it’s a little boy then?! 🙂
      And thanks – your comments always mean a lot!

    2. …if there were more people like you – looking like dreamers with no ambition, the world would be a better place! it’s this kind of not-ambition that we need more of – caring for other people and the planet and basing our decisions on that…

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