Hot Days

Summer seems to have disappeared around here, so I decided to post a few pictures I took  about two weeks ago while I was in Graz for two days (work related, not that you start thinking of holidays or anything). It was really hot back then and I wanted to test my new lens, thus a probably unusual/random/strange selection of pictures…

Not much you can do in a few minutes of free time in your boiling hot hotel room other than taking pictures of your feet…

Or taking pictures of your duvet in the morning just before leaving…

Looking out of my hotel room window.

Arrived early at the train station, decided to take pictures instead of trying not to sweat (which doesn’t work anyway). I quite liked the series of pictures, even though I’m not quite sure about why that is… Anyways, here you go. At least it reminds me of summer feeling as opposed to the current temperatures around here.

6 thoughts on “Hot Days

  1. Nice lens Anja! That’s exactly the one I want to get! 🙂 I just find for street it would work very well but also in this case it seems to have worked fine! In the begging I thought it was a 50mm and I wasn’t wrong since on your body it would react like a 50mm. Anyways, enough with the technical stuff 🙂 Your photos remind of the time I was in Vienna (like 7 years ago) waiting for the train to take me to Bratislava. In a few hours I was going to meet my family for the first time. It was a scorching day just like on your photos, I was so hot from carrying my backpack I had to change t-shirts… mine was soaked. Apart from that, it was one of the best experiences of my life. Its funny how other people’s images can trigger such a memory… then again I’m a very nostalgic person. Enjoy that 35!

    1. It’s indeed a nice lens, I was really lucky and got a used one plus a used 50 1.2 – pure bliss! As long as my 30D still lives, it works like a 50, and once the camery gets its final breakdown (which I hope will not be in the nearest future, but it will happen eventually) I will have a lovely 35 and a 50…
      Really happy that the pictures brought back some lovely memories! Since when I took the pictures summer hasn’t really reappeared…

      1. Yes! Keep those wonderful lenses! They will serve you well 🙂
        Summer here is slipping away, I can feel it and there will be many sleepless nights ahead… not that I’m complaining though 😉

        1. We had about ten really, really hot days here last week and the days before – just when we moved office at work… And now I think autumn is approaching. When’s the little one due?

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