More Random

Like the title suggests – more of my random street shots. Changed from Rodinal to Xtol for a try, have to say I quite like the look of it…

Okay, here we go – he probably took the expression street photography a bit too literally (he didn’t get run over by a car, I stayed and watched him leave unharmed).

Westbahnhof, Vienna. Waiting.

Random doggy.


Two men.



Accidentally set my camera to ISO 400 for the next two pictures, even though they were underexposed, they turned out quite okay… And my scanner cropped some of this picture, couldn’t get it to scan the whole negative.

Well, a bit dark to be honest… Note to myself: check ISO setting!!!

He was sketching buildings in the 1st district (Graben, Kohlmarkt).

Schönbrunn. Reading a book.

Watching a squirrel eating mushrooms in the park (if you have never seen a squirrel eat mushrooms – check here: link & link)

Fast asleep.


See the pigeon walking by?



Chairs having a day off.

Gloves having a day off. Or destroying concrete structures…

PET bottles.

Sky in Schönbrunn.


Films: Agfa APX 100 & Kodak TriX 400, both in Xtol 1+1.

2 thoughts on “More Random

  1. Lovely entry Anja! Random from you is always a treat! 🙂 Enjoyed especially the “reading in the park” and the “gloves on concrete”! Also the shot with the white poodle in the beginning I was wondering what kind of stain the girl had on her shirt, it seemed like such a big stain to have until I noticed it is a print of a woman. I like those shots that keep you guessing! Thanks for sharing!

    1. thanks for visiting! 🙂 have a roll of film already waiting far too long in my camera, I guess there’s more random to come once I manage to get back to shooting again… You should kick my arse now… And I’m still waiting for that entry of yours! 😉

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