Styria B/W

I finally developed my one (!) roll of TriX from my holidays in Styria (which were at the beginning of August). There’s still a roll of Portra in my camera, and it still isn’t finished (yes, not much shooting after my holidays), so I thought I’d just post the b&w ones first and then do a short colour entry soon (hopefully).

We stayed in a small holiday cottage in a tiny village (well, it was not even a proper village) at the border to Slovenia amidst the vinyards. Beautiful scenery, very quiet, perfect for a few relaxing days – only thing is, there was no supermarket, not even a corner store – and we did not have a car. Well, more of that later on…

So, this was our view from the balcony:

There was a beautiful patio as well, perfect place for breakfast (or barbecue or a glass of wine).

Yes, there need to be cameras in a holiday!

Oh, and there we are on our way to the next “shopping center” – it was a 4,5hrs walk to get there and back, a 35°C summer day.

Onions drying in the sun.

Capturing butterflies on the way.

The walk itself was nice, beautiful landscape, hot summer day (well, a bit cooler would have been nice), but when we finally reached the “shopping center” – we were devastated. It was the most depressing place you could imagine. We had hoped to get some beautiful food – fresh vegetables, free range meat, everything you’d need for a wonderful holiday barbecue. But – none of this was to be found in that “shopping center”. So we basically got some sausages and a bit of basic supplies to get us through the next days. Even though it’s a good laugh now that I think of it, we were really disappointed.

So back home we walked, and we really managed to make a nice barbecue nevertheless. No doubt our “diet” was very sausage-based, but with a bit of salad and onions and bell peppers we ended up having nice evenings on the patio with our beloved grill.

Our “hard-earned” food.

Styrian apple juice.

We walked to Slovenia – this is really right at the border.

Border crossing. Horrific framing…

Another evening with barbecue…

And Styrian wine.

More to come, next time in colour!

TriX in Xtol 1+1.

2 thoughts on “Styria B/W

  1. Wow, sounds like you had a really peaceful and quiet holiday, despite the “special” diet. ^^ And I didn’t know Austria had that beautiful vineyards! Btw, did you switch to a 35mm? How do you like it?

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