Power II

About two weeks ago I photographed yet another power station, this time a biomass power plant. A selection of my favourite pictures…

A few impressions from the outside:

This power plant replaced and old coal power plant, and instead of coal being fired up, the new power plant uses biomass (which in this case is basically woodchips). The woodchips are burnt to produce electricity and energy for long-distance heating. Here is where the woodchips are stored. The nicest thing about the woodchips is the wonderful smell of freshly cut wood. The downside is the dust…


Speaking of dust – a delivery of woodchips coming in. Makes for a great photo opportunity, but you wouldn’t want to be in there for too long with your camera. Plus you’d need to wear respiratory protection.

The woodchip storage is separated from the actual power station, the woodchips are brought in via a closed conveyor belt (sort of). This is how the whole power station looks from the inside, picture taken from the highest point inside right under the roof (a tiny bit of climbing was involved, and yet again another step in battling my fear of heights – gets easier every time).

Looking up…

And down again – the conveyor belt where the woodchips come in from the storage room and go to…

…woodchip hell. 😉

It’s always impressive and really interesting to see these power plants, but what I love most are all the details.

Unexpected specks of colour…

I have a thing for cables put neatly together…

And again, you walk around a corner and there are more colours.

I just found this beautiful, had an oldschool feeling to it, even though it was new.

Loved these…


Something I enjoy deeply is finding traces of humans, not only in this surrounding, but in general. Something somebody has lost, things that have been left behind, details that tell you that a human being was there and lived and left a tiny sign, probably not even consciously, but when you find it you know that someone has been here before. It’s the same in street photography – sometimes all that is left of the human condition are small signs or things, and the person has long gone.

Finding these in such a technical, organised surrounding is just great. Like the he zip lock bag somebody attached, just in case.

Or the painted arrow that has been there before the real stickers went on.

Or the emergency exit sign weirdly stuck on the wall, probably picked up from the floor and put there in a hurry.

Slight similarities  animals in the next two pictures.

Some might guess why I took this one, has to do with my nickname! 😉

Just love this one.

Bliss – had to take this picture.



Ash pattern outside the ash container.

More human traces. Btw, this is the entrance to the chimney.

Hope you enjoyed!

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