Jetsam & Flotsam

This is a kind of mini-project that happened during my vacations last summer in Norderney, a small German island in the North Sea. Whilst we were walking through the most beautiful landscapes, out on the beach, no people around us, just nature, we stumbeled across rubbish. Rubbish that at some point happened to end up in the sea, and the sea had washed it up on the beach. There it created a bizarre, surreal art show for us. Obviously some things were arranged, but not by us. I just documented what we found.









The list of what we found on that day:

8 pallettes

3 safety helmets

1 empty bottle of Asti (who drinks this stuff anyways)

1 red plastic box

8 shoes

1 council garbage bin

1 TV

2 couch pillows

4 orange gloves

3 pieces of fishing nets

1 rope

uncounted numbers of plastic bottles

And I think I need to get my camera’s shutter fixed, by the looks of the negatives…

Kodak Portra 160

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