Hotels IV

2014 wasn’t my best year photographically speaking. I didn’t shoot much, and hadn’t it been for two assignments I would have ended up with almost no photos at all. What I did a lot though was travelling, almost exclusively for work. So my hotel series grew quite massively. Here’s a new selection, edited down aggressively. Again – it’s not about aesthetics, just about how those rooms made me feel. Mostly work stays, mostly alone, luckily not all the time though! A bit of holidays made it in as well.

IMG_0874Bournemouth, UK.

IMG_1676Poole, UK.

IMG_2020Bournemouth, UK.

IMG_1897Berlin, Germany.

IMG_2052Poole, UK.

IMG_1858Poole, UK.

IMG_1530Essen, Germany.

IMG_1258Norderney, Germany.

IMG_1317Norderney, Germany.

IMG_1332Hamburg, Germany.

IMG_1927Berlin, Germany.

IMG_2229Poole, UK.

IMG_2351Bournemouth, UK.

IMG_2628Norderney, Germany.

IMG_2679Hamburg, Germany.

IMG_2735Bournemouth, Uk.

IMG_2736Bournemouth, UK.

IMG_3022Essen, Germany.

3 thoughts on “Hotels IV

  1. All these UK hotels make me feel miserable… I always wondered, why they are not able to make a cosy or at least fancy room.
    Awsome shots though, I definitly don’t envy you. Looks like a really lonely life. (Allthough I know better 😉 )

    1. Well, life on the road mostly is lonely. But then that’s why coming home is so nice. 🙂
      There are some nice hotels in the UK, they just didn’t make the cut for this edit. Maybe because the nicer the room the more you feel at home. Even though in some of the hotels where I stay again and again, I start to feel at home as well, even though they are not the nicest ones. You know, when hotel staff start to remember you… Works not in every hotel though. Some just are not nice and make you feel miserable, and you know which one I am talking about! 😉

  2. Wow, that is a lot of traveling! The pictures are great though, for the intent and for what I get as a feeling it’s great! Some of these pics reflect of how I feel when I think of the past, just a feeling, it doesn’t really have anything to do with the pictures in content but rather as a group.

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