I decided to change some things and use this space differently than I used to. Originally I had set up this blog mainly for my photography. Over the last years my (creative) focus shifted and expanded, so I stopped posting regularly on here, as in my head this place was only about photography.

Lately I got rid of some of my social media accounts, generally decreased the time I’m spending on social media, and thought about how I wanted to use my time online. The thought of having my own place where I share my thoughts and things I work on/spend my time with started to feel right and I realized I already have the space, I just had stopped using it.

Strangely enough end of summer always feels like a time of new beginnings for me, so why not start changing on here too, and make it a new beginning of some sorts.

I don’t really have a concept for this place yet, I just know I want to use it for different things I’m interested in, and have a wider definition for myself of the things that can go on here. There will still be images, and I have a feeling there will be more words than there used to be. So, let’s see where this goes…



Sunset, Donauinsel, Vienna. Summer is not over yet, but the light has already changed…

5 thoughts on “Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes…

      1. Hey Anja!
        I know how you feel. I left Facebook also about a week ago, didn’t think I was getting anything meaningful vs all the unwanted posts or fake content. I’m still pondering on what I feel like doing and using my spare time wisely. I still enjoy very much taking pictures but the reason, or I should say, the motivation has changed. I’m glad you’re coming back here… maybe it’ll motivate me to share some thoughts and content as well. Things are great on my side, the boys are growing at an astonishing rate and eating everything on their path 🙂 Hope all is well with you also!

        1. Good to hear you and your family are doing fine! Did you have a good summer? I put your blog in my feed reader, it would be lovely to read your thoughts and what else you want to share. Photos or other things… Have a great Sunday, around the weekend is almost over. So I’m off to do some cooking and watching football (the american kind, not soccer). 🙂

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