How To Change Your Mind

Recommended reading: How To Change Your Mind – The New Science of Psychedelics by Michael Pollan.

Michael Pollan explores the history of psychedelics and shares recent research.

It’s a really interesting read and covers perspectives on psychedelics from different angles like history, politics, society, psychology, neurology, etc. mixed with personal insights and experiences. My guess is you’ll most likely learn a few things about psychedelics you don’t know yet.

As far as I know, there is no German translation yet.

Another recommendation is Michael Pollan’s Netflix documentary ‘Cooked’, where he looks at food and cooking. Every episode nurtured the nerd in me (for everyone who knows me – yes, there’s also a part about fermentation).


What is School for?

I’m a subscriber of Seth Godin’s blog, so this is how I came across this video. I ask you to watch it. I think Seth Godin raises important questions and explains things about schools that are worth knowing. Answering that question, what school is for, is important to understand where school comes from, and even more important when it comes to change school into what it needs to be.