My boyfriend did a few linocut testprints today, for one to test the printing plate and also to test some bamboo paper to see if he wants to use it for the actual prints. Was too late to capture the whole process, but a few impressions nevertheless:

Alternative use for photobooks.

Final touches before looking at the print.

Coming off the plate.


Print and plate.


The printing plate.

Hot Days

Summer seems to have disappeared around here, so I decided to post a few pictures I took  about two weeks ago while I was in Graz for two days (work related, not that you start thinking of holidays or anything). It was really hot back then and I wanted to test my new lens, thus a probably unusual/random/strange selection of pictures…

Not much you can do in a few minutes of free time in your boiling hot hotel room other than taking pictures of your feet…

Or taking pictures of your duvet in the morning just before leaving…

Looking out of my hotel room window.

Arrived early at the train station, decided to take pictures instead of trying not to sweat (which doesn’t work anyway). I quite liked the series of pictures, even though I’m not quite sure about why that is… Anyways, here you go. At least it reminds me of summer feeling as opposed to the current temperatures around here.

Imperial Funeral

On 4th of July 2011 Otto Habsburg-Lothringen, the last Crown Prince of Austria-Hungary, died at the age of 98. After a long period of mourning he was finally buried on 16th of July in the Habsburg family crypt in Vienna (Kapuzinergruft), his heart was buried one day later in Hungary.

So much for a short historic background (if you want to know more, just pay auntie google a visit!). The funeral itself seemed to become a quite strange event, at least for me. As you hopefully know, Austria has ceased to be a monarchy in 1918. The funeral was announced to be a massive event, as big as a state funeral would have been – just that it was no official state funeral. A typical Austrian solution I would say.

Even though Austria long ago ceased to be a monarchy, sometimes you get the impression that our country secretly wishes we still had “our Emperor and Empress”. Even though I am not particularly interested in monarchy, nor wish to re-install a monarchy in Austria, I thought the funeral would make an interesting opportunity to take pictures, mainly of the people attending the funeral and the funeral procession.

The day before the funeral people could pay their tribute to the body which was layed out in the church where he also was to be buried later on. The place was already prepared for the day of the funeral with big screens where documentaries were aired. As I wanted to see how the place was set up and where the barriers would be placed, I went there and snapped a few pictures.

People watching the screen.

People queuing up to pay their references.

Liked the couple dressed in black.

Fast forward to the day of the funeral. These two were trying to get pictures of the celebrities arriving for the requiem mass in St. Stephen’s cathedral. Wanna-be paprazzi kind of… Probably need to think of upgrading their equipment!

Really most of the pictures I took were people watching…

It was very hot, and the little one was completely exhausted.

Think these guys belong to the Order of Malta. They were lined up in fron of the church waiting for the procession to start.

Flag with the coat of arms of Austria (mind – republic!), on the other side a picture of Otto Habsburg-Lothringen.

A tourist reading in his city guide about Austria back in monarchy era.

He was smiling happily, having climbed the barriers to watch the big screens, holding a Sissi flyer.


Saw this gentleman already the day before. Amidst the crowd just looking for celebrities he seemed a bit forlorn, genuinely sad.

The programme still stated Otto Habsburg’s title from back in monarchy times (which I think he was not allowed to carry in Austria! Yes, the funeral took place in Austria, Vienna…):

S.k.u.k.H Erzherzog Otto von Österreich Königlicher Prinz von Ungarn (His Imperial and Royal Highness Archduke Otto of Austria, Prince Royal of Hungary)

Also doubles up as sunshield or to cover your face in case someone takes pictures of you. Or whatever she was doing there…

One of my favourite shots.

Tired. Or bored.


Clearly bored. Not even Sissi was able to impress little doggy…

The crowd waiting for the procession.

The kids jumped up trying to see if the procession was already approaching.

Austrian armed forces – guard of honor (no, this was no state funeral!). They had taps fixed under their boots, which sounded quite funny, especially when looking into their stern faces. I always wonder if there’s somebody somewhere in this world who makes up all these funny ways of marching in step and then sells them to the different countries, as no one could come up by themselves with these quirky and really inefficient ways of moving yourself from one place to another… One of the reasons I could never join the army, I would constantly keel over from laughter with all the ridiculous stuff they come up with… (I know I wouldn’t, it’s not the best place to laugh… not much humor around there, they are always up to give people a hard time). Anyways – funny to watch!

Some of the traditional clubs, most of them had a hard time while trying to march in step… 😉

Personally I am really put off by most of these groups (“Traditionsverbände/Tiroler Schützen/Studentenverbindungen/etc. – sorry, I don’t know the correct translations for these), as they usually stand for really “tradional values”, some of them (not all of course) being friendly with right-wing ideas…

I literally felt sick in my stomach while they passed by… Don’t know, seeing these groups always creates a really oppressive atmosphere for me… So not many pictures of them…


The coffin…

Action shooting.

Black & white pictures taken with Agfa APX 100 in Rodinal 1+50, all the rest digital.

Sticky Tar Sands Protest

As part of a European campaign Lush Cosmetics staff had themselves covered in molasses (representing dirty oil extracted from Tar Sands in Alberta, Canada) in front of their shops in 21 countries.

Oil extracted from Tar Sands in Canada is considered the most destructive project on planet Earth – it pollutes rivers and soil, destroys pristine boreal forest and kills wildlife and people. Not to mention the carbon footprint for this kind of oil extraction. If want to know more about this issue, here are some interesting links:

The Tar Sands Blow – a short clip on youtube

Dirty Oil – very informative documentary about the Alberta Tar Sands

Indigenous Environmental Network – an organisation campaigning against Tar Sands in Canada (amongst other topics they work on) – good info on the Tar Sands project and its devastating consequences.

Anyhow, I was there to take pictures of the event, and these are my favourite selects.

I liked her expression, she was the girl being covered in molasses, so just before she had molasses poured over her head, she suspiciously eyed the press guys.

A few moments later…

Yuck, see the sticky mess on my fingers!?

Starting to clean up the sticky mess.

Ice Cream

Some commercial stuff for a change – I was asked to take pictures of a recently opened ice cream salon in Vienna. It’s  a lovely, tiny shop where you can get some of the best ice cream I’ve ever eaten in my life (honestly!).

The ice cream is made with organic milk, locally sourced fruit and vegetables, no preservatives, no synthetic flavouring, no food colouring (there are also some vegan varieties available).

A few of my favourite selects.

If you want to see the shop or enjoy an ice cream – here you go:


There should be some street stuff coming along soon, will be on the road again during the next weeks, which is always a nice opportunity to shoot street with a fresh eye…

From Morocco to South Africa…

…in one evening, or should I say in one dinner?

We had a Moroccan salad with oranges, dates, nuts, mint and orange blossom water for starters and South African Bobotie (if you don’t know it, google it, it’s a yummy dish made with spiced minced meat and a topping made of eggs & cream, spicy and sweet and fresh at the same time) as main course.

Actually I just took a few pictures because the light coming in through the window looked so lovely on the freshly prepared ingredients.

The salad being put into bowls – that silvery thing is a fork (sunlight had already vanished, so quite long exposure here).

And the Bobotie… I had to tuck in first and take pictures afterwards!

See how quick you can go from the North of Africa to the very South – it’s possible in one evening!

Btw, I did not cook, credits for that go to my boyfriend.


Last week my sister opened her own hairdressers salon. I was not the official photographer, but nonetheless I took my cameras with me and snapped a few pictures, as it was a quite special moment for all of us – for my sister as the salon was the result of hard work and dedication in the last few years, and for me as I was so proud of her and what she has achieved.

Started with some digital pictures… The salon was prepared for the party.

Last finishing touches.

My sister being a bit nervous just shortly before the first people arrived.

First people already here, my mum talking to a friend of her.

A pink buddha for good spirits in the shop.

My sister’s boyfriend calling attention for the speech.


…and applause.

Cute expressions!

Youngest visitor! Isn’t she cute?!

Booking dates for a new haircut. Never forget about the business, even on a party!


Was not really in the mood for my Canon, so I switched to rangefinder and film. Messed up the exposure a little bit (plus my laptop is on the verge of dying – means it developed a life on it’s own and changes the brightness of the screen, which I can’t do anymore – even harder to tell how the negative scans look on screens), but still some nice pictures in the end. Ilford Delta 3200. My brother and my sister posing for me.

More conversations.

Spotted the photographer!

Family affairs.

Calling a taxi.

Money, money, money!

So if you ever happen to be in the west of Austria and you are in need of a haircut, look out for my sister’s salon (“Perfect Hair & Make-up”).

Aikido & Rain

A few pictures I took today during a demonstration of the Aikido club I train in. The weather was unsettled and it started to rain heavily as soon as the demonstration started. Note the reflections on the mats! Flying Aikidoka aren’t an uncommon sight, but usually we don’t cause reflections on the mats…

The guys and girls were soaking wet afterwards, me too, my camera as well, but it was a nice afternoon nevertheless!

Warming up…

Gi and hakama laid out to dry afterwards…