Last Days of Summer

A few weeks back in time – it was still warm enough to spend our weekends on the Donauinsel (Danube Island). Obviously more fun when you’ve got smartphones and iPads to play with! 😉


It’s just about the light…

Time to celebrate!

It was not me who took this one, obviously!

Watching Eric “The Eel” Moussambani on youtube…

More youtube-ing I guess…


Good times…

Film – Agfa APX 100 in Xtol 1+1


Last week I spent my time on a huge camping site in the South of England, more precisely in Holton Lee, which is in Dorset.

Even though it may sound strange, it was in fact a business meeting, consisting of two days for meetings, presentations and workshops, and one festival day, where we all could listen to several bands (including Afro Celt Sound System, Jackie Oates, The Imagined Village, to only mention a few), have a look at how different departments work, meet and talk to campaigning/activist groups and lots more. As there was so much going on, I only managed to snap some picture on the go – this is my final selection.

At the airport, just before we boarded the plane to London.

Animals on the plane…

More than just one…

Arrived at Heathrow airport, we had to wait for about 3hrs for our coach that would take us to the camping site.

Met our lovely Swiss colleagues, who were eagerly playing with their iPhones.

Fast forward to the camping site – this is how it looked like:

Color version:

Never travel without a good amount of Manner wafers!

On the site there were a lot of different tents, where different departments showcased their work – in this one you could get your hands dirty and have a go at making products yourself.

This is how Comforter Bubble Bar is made – a big strudel, and then slices are cut off (should have shot this in colour, as the swirls are bright pink and white).

More Comforter Bubble Bar slices.

My colleague having a go at making a Ballistic.

It’s not as easy as you would think it is!

Yeah, made it!

My boss.

Camera, lighter, cigarettes.

The light was gorgeous that evening…

Apart from the wonderful evening light – this is how the site looked like with all the different tents and gazebos.

More of that sunset light – just couldn’t get enough of it.

Even though you can’t tell from the pictures or the light – it got very, very cold as soon as then sun had set, as you can tell from the next two pictures. I was so glad I took my snowboard jacket with me, one night the temperature went down to 4°C – so we all basically wore all clothes we could put on at once. Right now as I’m writing this, it’s over 30°C outside, hard to imagine that I wore a winter jacket, a beanie hat, fleece jacket and several clothes layers at once just a few days ago.

The cold didn’t stop us from having fun though – this is how you look after drinking vodka mixed with fizzy candy (Pop Rocks)!

Other fun stuff: Posing with a giant Toothy Tab and a living toothbrush.


Even though it doesn’t look like it – this was taken around 9am (of course these were leftovers from the night before)!

During the week there were several bands playing on different stages for the real festival feeling – this was Jackie Oates.

During the Imagined Village gig.

More fun stuff – the football match. Or as I should say – after the football match!

Food was great – sorry, only empty plates!

And lots of booze – Bulmers mainly.

I don’t want to suggest this sign had something to do with the booze, but I thought the picture would best fit here! 🙂

Silent disco – I you have never been to a silent disco – try it, it’s fun!

I have to admit, I’m not that big a fan of camping – but thanks to the fact that I had invested quite an amount of money for a really, really warm sleeping bag, which meant I was one of the few not freezing during the night and actually sleep quite well – I really enjoyed this meeting/fest. It was great fun, I met a lot of inspiring people, enjoyed really good concerts, and realized once more how crazy (in a really good way) and unique a company I work for.

Back home I wanted to take a few pictures of the stuff I brought back home or used most during the week, but as I had changed films so often, I completely lost track of how many frames I already had taken on which film (stupid, I know), so I ended up with a few double exposures. So this is a collection of things I brought back, doubled up with a frame I took during the Afro Celt Sound System gig. Stupid mistake, but looks quite nice.

My three most important items – very warm sleeping bag, Maglite torch and Sea Shepherd beanie hat. And no, I didn’t have an illuminated sleeping bag – it’s again the lights of the Afro Celt Sound System gig.

Films: Kodak Portra 160NC, Kodak Portra 400VC, Kodak TriX 400 & TriX 400@3200, Agfa APX 100 – b/w developed in Rodinal 1+50.

Lost Furniture and some Formula 1

As I messed up most of the frames on the last rolls, only a few random ones for now – actually the only ones that came out halfway decent.

It’s already dark outside when I leave the office now, so I gave shooting in the darkness a try. Nice when people are focused on their digi cam screens, means they don’t notice you! =)

On my way to a Chinese restaurant where I was meeting up with friends for dinner I found a broken clotheshorse…

…and a cupboard.

Watching the second last formula 1 race of this season. We had all the stuff we needed – iPad to track all the racing data, beer, big tv screen and great food later on.

F1 car off the racing track – shock!

TriX 400 @ 3200 in ROdinal 1+50

Preparing for Christmas

I’ll post some pictures I took back in September at work during a meeting. We had all our Austrian shop manangers and trainees come together in Vienna to plan and prepare for Christmas. One part of the meeting was a workshop on merchandising. As we all were already playing around with the new Christmas product range I couldn’t post the pictures back then, as they hadn’t been launched in the shops yet.

I hadn’t planned to take pictures, but as I saw them all busy and playing with products I couldn’t resist to take a few snapshots – perfect opportunity, as most of the time they all were so busy that they didn’t notice me taking pictures. Unfortunately you can’t smell the gorgeous scent of all the products!

Drinks in the evening – a must!

Film: TriX 400 in Rodinal 1+50

A Wedding and a Barbecue

On one of the last weekends my cousin got married. He and his wife had their wedding party planned completely different to any wedding I’ve ever been invited to (not that I’ve been to that many weddings).
They had rented a small hut in the woods and invited family and friends to celebrate, spend some time, have a barbecue, bring your own tent and spend the nights in the woods if you wanted to, and just enjoy the weekend together. It was a wonderful, exceptional and unbelievably relaxing weekend.

So, here are a few impressions of the weekend, didn’t take that many pictures though…

Hope you enjoy, and don’t expect any of the “usual” wedding pictures – remember, we were out in the woods most of the weekend!

Olli & Alena – thanks so much for the lovely weekend and all the best for the two of you!

BTW – this is not the above mentioned hut in the woods, that’s where a few of us spent the nights – preferred this to sleeping in a tent… Lovely place with a nice park to spend some time reading, sleeping, relaxing (and drinking beer at night).

Films – Agfa APX 100 & Kodak TriX 400