tiny quilts

i’ve been intrigued by quilting for quite a while. mostly it was the technique of using even the tiniest scrap of fabric and work it into something new. but then there is also the tactile quality of quilts – i love running my fingers over the crinkly, wavy structures of fabric and thread, it’s just a very pleasant feeling. the design possibilities are endless. and then there’s also the element of heirloom quilts that have been passed on from generations to generations, keeping people warm and hugged, being mended and changed and reused over and over again. so many layers of meaning and making that have kept me curious.

recently i came across the idea of tiny quilts and took part in a community quilting exercise on creativity and newness organised by zak foster and amanda nadig, which was a great way to start playing with quilting on a small scale.

out of this came three tiny quilts in total. i also revisited an old project of mine from two or three years ago where i mended/reconstructed an old pillowcase of mine into something that i would now also consider a tiny quilt.

tea cup for size reference

all of these are completely stitched by hand – both the piecing and the quilting. they are playful little projects for one or two afternoons and i really enjoy making them. somehow it’s helpful to make things that don’t need to be useful and only exist because i enjoy the process of making them. i’ll probably do a few more every now and then, in between larger projects or whenever i need some headspace.

materials are mostly antique/vintage/second hand, apart from very few scraps that are store bought.

How To Change Your Mind

Recommended reading: How To Change Your Mind – The New Science of Psychedelics by Michael Pollan.

Michael Pollan explores the history of psychedelics and shares recent research.

It’s a really interesting read and covers perspectives on psychedelics from different angles like history, politics, society, psychology, neurology, etc. mixed with personal insights and experiences. My guess is you’ll most likely learn a few things about psychedelics you don’t know yet.

As far as I know, there is no German translation yet.

Another recommendation is Michael Pollan’s Netflix documentary ‘Cooked’, where he looks at food and cooking. Every episode nurtured the nerd in me (for everyone who knows me – yes, there’s also a part about fermentation).


My Digital Commonplace Book

After my last post I decided to let the idea of changing the purpose of my blog simmer, until I would feel a hunch to post or share something. Creating a structure or planning what this blog was going to be didn’t really work, trying to force it didn’t really work (let me tell you a secret – trying to force it hardly ever works), so I relied on what has always served me well – listening to my gut. Being observant enough to notice the hunch and listening to what the hunch would tell me.

A few days ago the hunch did speak to me. I found something I wanted to share. And with the urge I also knew what my blog was goingt to be about. Sharing bits and bobs I find, things I am curious about, things I am passionate about, weird stuff that makes me smile. Anything. Creating my commonplace book here.

I’ve always liked the idea of a commonplace book since I read about it for the first time in one of Austin Kleon’s tweets, that directed me to Ryan Holiday’s guide on “How and Why to Keep a Commonplace Book”.

I’ve since kept my analogue commonplace book, and now this place is going to be my digital one. A kind of a scrap book, if you will. Just so you’re not suprised, if the topics might seem random. I like randomness. A lot. It’s how my brain works. I hope you’ll stay for a bit.

Let me know what you think!



I decided to change some things and use this space differently than I used to. Originally I had set up this blog mainly for my photography. Over the last years my (creative) focus shifted and expanded, so I stopped posting regularly on here, as in my head this place was only about photography.

Lately I got rid of some of my social media accounts, generally decreased the time I’m spending on social media, and thought about how I wanted to use my time online. The thought of having my own place where I share my thoughts and things I work on/spend my time with started to feel right and I realized I already have the space, I just had stopped using it.

Strangely enough end of summer always feels like a time of new beginnings for me, so why not start changing on here too, and make it a new beginning of some sorts.

I don’t really have a concept for this place yet, I just know I want to use it for different things I’m interested in, and have a wider definition for myself of the things that can go on here. There will still be images, and I have a feeling there will be more words than there used to be. So, let’s see where this goes…



Sunset, Donauinsel, Vienna. Summer is not over yet, but the light has already changed…