Sticky Tar Sands Protest

As part of a European campaign Lush Cosmetics staff had themselves covered in molasses (representing dirty oil extracted from Tar Sands in Alberta, Canada) in front of their shops in 21 countries.

Oil extracted from Tar Sands in Canada is considered the most destructive project on planet Earth – it pollutes rivers and soil, destroys pristine boreal forest and kills wildlife and people. Not to mention the carbon footprint for this kind of oil extraction. If want to know more about this issue, here are some interesting links:

The Tar Sands Blow – a short clip on youtube

Dirty Oil – very informative documentary about the Alberta Tar Sands

Indigenous Environmental Network – an organisation campaigning against Tar Sands in Canada (amongst other topics they work on) – good info on the Tar Sands project and its devastating consequences.

Anyhow, I was there to take pictures of the event, and these are my favourite selects.

I liked her expression, she was the girl being covered in molasses, so just before she had molasses poured over her head, she suspiciously eyed the press guys.

A few moments later…

Yuck, see the sticky mess on my fingers!?

Starting to clean up the sticky mess.

Ice Cream

Some commercial stuff for a change – I was asked to take pictures of a recently opened ice cream salon in Vienna. It’s  a lovely, tiny shop where you can get some of the best ice cream I’ve ever eaten in my life (honestly!).

The ice cream is made with organic milk, locally sourced fruit and vegetables, no preservatives, no synthetic flavouring, no food colouring (there are also some vegan varieties available).

A few of my favourite selects.

If you want to see the shop or enjoy an ice cream – here you go:


There should be some street stuff coming along soon, will be on the road again during the next weeks, which is always a nice opportunity to shoot street with a fresh eye…


Last week my sister opened her own hairdressers salon. I was not the official photographer, but nonetheless I took my cameras with me and snapped a few pictures, as it was a quite special moment for all of us – for my sister as the salon was the result of hard work and dedication in the last few years, and for me as I was so proud of her and what she has achieved.

Started with some digital pictures… The salon was prepared for the party.

Last finishing touches.

My sister being a bit nervous just shortly before the first people arrived.

First people already here, my mum talking to a friend of her.

A pink buddha for good spirits in the shop.

My sister’s boyfriend calling attention for the speech.


…and applause.

Cute expressions!

Youngest visitor! Isn’t she cute?!

Booking dates for a new haircut. Never forget about the business, even on a party!


Was not really in the mood for my Canon, so I switched to rangefinder and film. Messed up the exposure a little bit (plus my laptop is on the verge of dying – means it developed a life on it’s own and changes the brightness of the screen, which I can’t do anymore – even harder to tell how the negative scans look on screens), but still some nice pictures in the end. Ilford Delta 3200. My brother and my sister posing for me.

More conversations.

Spotted the photographer!

Family affairs.

Calling a taxi.

Money, money, money!

So if you ever happen to be in the west of Austria and you are in need of a haircut, look out for my sister’s salon (“Perfect Hair & Make-up”).