While digging through my archives I found these photos I took about two and a half years ago at my great uncle’s 90th birthday. I still like the series so I thought I’d put them up here. It was a lovely day with my extended family and some regional quirks.

IMG_1011blogMy sister and her partner’s daughter having fun with the camera.


IMG_1018blogYep, got caught.

IMG_1019blogMy great uncle is very fond of music and helped founding the first music school in the area. He also always was very involved in the local brass band. I don’t know about your area, but where I come from every village has their own brass band. So the local brass band dropped by for a birthday serenade. My great uncle discussing the set with the bandmaster.

IMG_1021blogMy sister being cheeky, my great uncle listening to the music. Still can’t get over the fact that he’s 90 years old, he looks so much younger.


IMG_1027blogLots of shake hands.


IMG_1033blogAnd more music.

IMG_1035blogIf you make it to 90 years, you get to conduct the brass band.

IMG_1045blogEven the local police commander dropped by and brought a gift.

IMG_1046blogListening to the speech. Not easy to impress.

IMG_1047blogAnd some more music.

IMG_1051blogMy great uncle believes in the importance of kids getting in contact with music, so he was very happy about all the kids in the brass band.

IMG_1054blogMy dad discussing a piece of music with one of the brass band girls.

IMG_1057blogHaving done their duty, time for food, drinks and party. Typical brass band.


IMG_1060blogI’m repeating myself – brass bands!

IMG_1065blogOne last speech (it was a very short one), and then food.

IMG_1075blogFamily time. My brother, my dad and my great uncle.


Lovely memories of meeting my extended family. And wishing my great uncle many more happy years to come.


My Dad turned 65 this year in spring. He invited family and friends for a birthday/retirement party. There was music, food, wine, great people, a recital of some quite fruity Mozart letters and lots of laughter, but see for yourself.

I had hestitated to put the pictures up on here, as it’s all family and friends on the pictures – but then it isn’t any different from other entries with family and friends I’ve done before, and photography is always personal in one or another way… Plus I liked how the series turned out. So, enjoy!




















All shots TriX in Xtol 1+1.

A Wedding and a Barbecue

On one of the last weekends my cousin got married. He and his wife had their wedding party planned completely different to any wedding I’ve ever been invited to (not that I’ve been to that many weddings).
They had rented a small hut in the woods and invited family and friends to celebrate, spend some time, have a barbecue, bring your own tent and spend the nights in the woods if you wanted to, and just enjoy the weekend together. It was a wonderful, exceptional and unbelievably relaxing weekend.

So, here are a few impressions of the weekend, didn’t take that many pictures though…

Hope you enjoy, and don’t expect any of the “usual” wedding pictures – remember, we were out in the woods most of the weekend!

Olli & Alena – thanks so much for the lovely weekend and all the best for the two of you!

BTW – this is not the above mentioned hut in the woods, that’s where a few of us spent the nights – preferred this to sleeping in a tent… Lovely place with a nice park to spend some time reading, sleeping, relaxing (and drinking beer at night).

Films – Agfa APX 100 & Kodak TriX 400