London, July 2010

To begin with – I changed the appearance of my blog, in order to be able to post larger pictures…

Just returned from a trip to the UK, and for the first time I left my Canon at home and travelled only with my ranegfinder… I found it actually very relaxing, it keeps you from just snapping away too many pictures you rarely watch ever again afterwards. So this is what I brought back.

As you might probably not realize from reading this post, this trip to London actually was a business trip.

But apart from long days of meetings, workshops and courses, it included lots of fun and exciting stuff as well – a scavenger hunt through London, a spa treatment right after the scavenger hunt (what a perfect way to end a long and exhausting day!!! If you want to know more: Lush Spa), a perfume launch in a gallery (if you are into perfumes, check it out, their fragrances are really amazing and extraordinary: Gorilla Perfume), a protest against tar sands, a frost fair in summer – including ice skating and swing boats and lots of other Christmas fun (Glühwein in July!) – and most important of all meeting lots of nice people.

We started of on Saturday with a country review (business stuff), it was still quite early. My colleague just moments before it was our turn for the review.

After we had finished the review we started off on a scavenger hunt through London (actually a really cool idea to keep all us international people busy and at the same time make us visit our shops and see some parts of the city). We had to visit as many of our shops as we could manage. In every shop we were given a challenge, which included lovely stuff like making your own ballistic (=bath bomb). We were shown by the lovely Jack and Chase how to do it and everyone could take their own Tisty Tosty home afterwards. Oh, and we had some camera guys filming us as well…

Jack with a bunch of Tisty Tosty moulds.

We also took part in a protest against tar sands in Canada right in front of Canada House at Trafalgar Square. Press already here and waiting to go.

Right before we started the protest the guys were checking out where to go next on our scav hunt, they were really focused on winning!

We all went to the back entrance of Canada House with posters and megaphone to draw police attention to us, in the meantime two other people prepared themselves at the main entrance for the “real” protest.

As soon as they were ready (covered in oil), we headed there as well, so when police came they were already sitting on the stairs at the main entrance on a Canadian flag all covered in oil (actually it was fake oil – molasses, but it looked very real).

If you have never heard of tar sands before – please check out this link: Indigenous Environmental Network. In a huge area in Alberta, Canada, oil is processed from tar sands, with desastrous impact on nature, animals and the local people. Most of the oil goes to the US, but the environmental impact is much bigger than only Canada and the US. I won’t go further into detail, but make sure you click the link and read a few bits, these guys really need everyone’s support for the cause and work hard to raise awareness and get the Canadian government to respect their rights and stop destroying vast areas of nature, leaving it poisoned, polluted and actually dead.

Police followed us, but they were quite relaxed…

Press photographers.

A few more impressions.

Cleaning up.

All ended peacefully.

I literally only had a few hours of free time in the city, so I managed only to take a few pictures, the rest of the time we stayed in a hotel in East Croydon, which is about one hour from London.

Covent Garden, in the underground.

Had to take one of these … Not perfect though…

Traditinal… The fish & chips might be traditional, but not the spelling! 🙂

Everywhere in London you see people having lunch somewhere outside, or even just a fag (since smoking is prohibited almost everywhere nowadays). Actually most of the time you don’t see the people, just their legs…

@ Trafalgar Square.

Rule Britannia!

As the weather was surprisingly nice most of the time, we often had lunch or dinner outside.

On the weekend a wedding reception was going on in the same hotel we stayed in. Children started to get bored, so they played some football. Not only children to be fair! 🙂


Late evening discussions.


In the underground to Heathrow Airport. Hipshot. Think I’ll have to practice a bit more in estimating distances. Although the exposure came out right.

Same lady hurring to check in.

Last one before we left. Waiting outside.

Quite a long entry, thanks for staying ’til the end!

Ah, yes – films – Agfa APX 100, Ilford FP4Plus 125 & Kodak TriX 400.

Vienna June & July

As promised in the last entry, finally a bit more of my analog stuff. First few pictures were taken with my Kiev4 rangefinder – the Russian Lady on APX 100 film. We had some pretty hot and sunny days in Vienna. The light was already pretty low as I took this one.

Security Service in Vienna’s first district. If you need some security, you know where to find these guys!

She obviously hid away from the heat and found herself a nice place in the shadow to read a book.

Was waiting for some friends in a shopping mall, where they had this racing track set up. Actually it was meant for all fathers, as it was shortly befor Father’s Day, but the kids enjoyed it as well! Writing says something like “there’s always something going on here”.

Tourists seeking refreshment…

When I came to work the next day, there were firefighters all around the building, and when I went inside I heard that there had been a fire in one of the fuse boxes. I quickly went upstairs to tell the girls that we’d better leave the building and so we waited outside. Nobody informed us what was going on, so we dicided to have a coffe in the cafe opposite our office building. And then I spotted on of the firefighters walking past us with an ice cream, so I followed him and took this picture. We then assumed that it was not really a dangerous fire, otherwise he’d probably not have ice cream (at least we hoped so).

Took another one of him as they drove past us and left the scene… Turned out it really was not that dangerous, we had no electricity for the next hours, but after that – back to business as usual!

Shadows and light in the first district.

People watching a demonstration – the sign says “Abschleppzone” (tow off zone, but has a double meaning – also means hook up zone in german… don’t know if it translates at all). Probably only my twisted sense of humour…


People waiting for the demonstration to start.

Little girl spotted me taking the picture!

Flags ready for the demo…

Ah, well, football! Public viewing zone (actually a restaurant that put up a big screen), cleaning in the morning before the fun starts.

F1 Grand Prix before the match.

Different film (LegacyPro 100), different camera (Leica M6, Summicron-M 1:2,0/50), same place. Again, someone spotted me taking the picture…

Ballack also watched the match!

Gay Pride Vienna, only a few pictures, as I had to leave before it even started…

Cute, isn’t he?!

German fans also at the Gay Pride…

Posing for the press.

On my way home – these guys play great Dixieland Jazz! Really cool!

That’s all for today, there’s more to come soon!

Hope you enjoyed it, let me know what you think!

Hipstamatic & Polarize III

Just a few iPhone snapshots in the meantime, the next entry should be up in a few days, I’m waiting for some films to be developed. Haven’t had much time to take pictures lately, but as summer is coming up, hopefully that should change in the next few weeks – holidays are coming! Plus a few days in London – business trip as usual, but I hope to bring back some pictures.

For now – yay for Hipstamatic & Co.

Summer sky.

Found this sign in Maribor (Marburg), Slovenia.

Another beautiful sign – this time from Vienna.

Morning in the underground.

More rubbish in the underground.

Can of tuna sitting on a wall. Strange thing to find on a hot summer day…

German fan bike shortly after they won the match against England.

Lost shoe in the first district.

Stay tuned for the next rolls of film!