Hotels III

I thought it was time for another entry. December saw me travelling a lot, so my collection of pictures for my Hotels series grew some.

It’s a random collection of my favourite shots – favourite means anything from favourite hotel, favourite memory, favourite shot, favourite representation of how that particular room made me feel, basically a really personal selection. Not meant to look nice or show how the rooms really looked.


Fancy radio. Aschaffenburg, Germany.


The light… Loved it… Innsbruck, Austria.


Laa, Austria.


Laa, Austria.


Graz, Austria.


Graz, Austria.


Graz, Austria.


Lieboch, Austria.


Lieboch, Austria.


Graz, Austria.


Paris, France.


Zürich, Switzerland.


Zürich, Switzerland.


Graz, Austria.


Weirdest room number sign ever. Graz, Austria.


Graz, Austria.


Graz, Austria.


Graz, Austria.


Graz, Austria.


Graz, Austria.

Styria Colour

Finally the colour version of our holiday in Styria… Took me ages to finish the roll and have it developed.

We were surrounded by lots of green.

“Our” house.

And “our” backyard.

Vineyards and grapes everywhere, couldn’t resist to take a few snaps…

Evening view.

More grapes.

We spent a day in Graz as well. Backyard of Atelier Jungwirth.

Shadows in our hotel room.

Heading back home.

Either Kodak Portra 160 or digital.

Hotels II

I spent most of April travelling, living in hotel rooms. Like I wrote in my first post about hotel rooms, I do take a picture in every hotel room I’m staying in, so as this month made my collection grow quite a bit, here’s a new selection of various hotel rooms or hotel impressions.

Bournemouth, UK.

London, UK.

Graz, Austria.

Bregenz, Austria.

Bregenz, Austria.

Bregenz, Austria.

Igls, Austria.

Graz, Austria.

Graz, Austria.

Nuremberg, Germany.

Madrid, Spain.

Bad Erlach, Austria.

Bregenz, Austria.

Graz, Austria.

Graz, Austria.

Poole, UK.

Poole, UK.

East Croydon, London, UK.

Hot Days

Summer seems to have disappeared around here, so I decided to post a few pictures I took  about two weeks ago while I was in Graz for two days (work related, not that you start thinking of holidays or anything). It was really hot back then and I wanted to test my new lens, thus a probably unusual/random/strange selection of pictures…

Not much you can do in a few minutes of free time in your boiling hot hotel room other than taking pictures of your feet…

Or taking pictures of your duvet in the morning just before leaving…

Looking out of my hotel room window.

Arrived early at the train station, decided to take pictures instead of trying not to sweat (which doesn’t work anyway). I quite liked the series of pictures, even though I’m not quite sure about why that is… Anyways, here you go. At least it reminds me of summer feeling as opposed to the current temperatures around here.


My job includes a fair amount of travelling. Some time ago I started taking pictures in every hotel I stayed in. Usually these pictures are  taken with Hipstamatic/Polarize/Lo-Mob/Plastic Bullet apps for iPhone. I don’t take these pictures to show how the rooms/views actually look like, it’s more about how these rooms and places make me feel or how they look to me when viewing the room from my bed or looking out of the window. So in this entry I will show you a small selection of my hotel pictures – hotel rooms, views out of the window, reflections…

Zagreb, Croatia.

Graz, Austria.

Graz, Austria.

East Croydon, London, UK.

East Croydon, London, UK.

Rheinbrohl, Germany.

Rheinbrohl, Germany.

Graz, Austria.

Graz, Austria.

Graz, Austria.

Graz, Austria.

Graz, Austria.

Graz, Austria.

Manchester, UK.

Manchester, UK.

Manchester, UK.

Manchester, UK.

Manchester, UK.

Poole, UK.

All pictures taken with iPhone Apps Hipstamatic, Lo-Mob, Polarize or Plastic Bullet.

Hipstamatic V


The nearer we get to Christmas, the shorter my weekends are. So now as the end of the weekend is approaching, I thought of posting a few Hipstamatic pics. I didn’t have time to take any other pictures – even though my Leica is with me almost everywhere, it seems that my brain is already too tired to react and think and be able to see pictures when they come up… Time seems to fly at this time of the year, and my life seems to consist mainly of sleeping and working – the joys of retail before Christmas! But let’s hope it turns out to be a good Christmas (saleswise), then there’s enough time to relax after all the hard work. So here we go:

Anakin’s lightsabre in the underground.

Re-watching big brother.

Out of service.

Love the new DreamCanvas film.

A lovely coffee shop in Graz.

Coffee and tea definitely help when you’re working long hours.

Fairy lights in the shopping mall on DreamCanvas.

Cheers, Anja

Hipstamatic & Polarize IV

More Hipstamatic & Polarize pics, while I still hope to find some time this weekend to develop some rolls of film…

I like old or strange signs…

Lo-Mob picture. My brother.

Café Pumpkin in East Croydon.

I think this one was Gatwick airport, not sure though…

Some holiday pics. Nice place to stay – Rheinbrohl in Germany. Actually just the hotel was so nice, the village itself… not so sure! 🙂

Yes, my feet were pretty dirty, happens when walking barefooted.

All the things you need for holiday feeling!

View out of our hotel window.

Another hotel. Graz.


Taken out of the train window in Tirol.

Broken stuff.

This guy was crazy – driving his go-kart in between all the cars, chatting on his mobile.

Charming old-fashioned mailbox.



Again a pumpkin thingie (says something like “home-grown pumpkin”). My friends call me pumpkin, so now I could calculate how much I would cost.

Holidays in Austria

Just in between the two last posts – my cousin’s wedding and the opening party of my sister’s hairdressers salon – I’ve been travelling around a bit, as I was on holidays. Nothing fancy though, been to Graz (Styria) to see an exhibition and Bregenz to see my family.

A few frames taken still in Vienna.

Two baby buggies. One of 7 pictures that are part of the 7 Clicks Project (my pictures will be featured in the 2nd week of September).

Again taken for 7 Clicks.

In the zoo – like twins.

Watching the orang utans.

On the train to Graz. In the compartment next to ours some children were pretty bored and started jumping around on the seats, then they peeked through the window and I took this frame. When he saw me taking the picture he came over to me and asked if he was gonna be in the newspaper then… Funny!


Nice shadows in the hotel room just when I woke up.

Old lady having a coffee on her own in the morning – 7 Clicks.

In a cafe in the afternoon, camera was on the table and I tried to get a picture. Ended up a bit too dark…

Empty cups of coffee just before we left Graz (7 Clicks).

Next stop Bregenz. Took this frame from the top of the galleries of the Festspielhaus. Also did one version without people crossing the square, but it didn’t really work out – liked this version better.

At the waterfront of the Lake of Constance. Very silly pedal boat! People seemed to like it, saw it out on the lake quite a few times (7 Clicks).

Relaxing with a view on the lake (7 Clicks).

Had a “family only” afternoon in my sister’s shop, she took care of our hairstyles. Makes you feel like a celebrity somehow, as the shop was closed for everyone else apart from us.

Discussing possible new looks – prosecco is good for inspiriation!





Me with a stylish aluminium foil look (picture taken by my brother – he thought I looked funny enough to have a picture taken hehe).

My brother’s turn.

Next day – right when we left the motorway the car was behaving strangely, turned out we had a flat tyre. Dad wasn’t very happy about this, as you can imagine… As he and my brother took care of the punctured tyre there was nothing left to do for me, so I took a few pictures.

My brother pretending that he could squeeze flat the tyre with one hand…

Turns out he was just pretending!

So, that’s it – holidays are over, we’ll see when there’s time for the next entry – but I think it won’t take too long!

Film – Agfa APX 100