More Random

Like the title suggests – more of my random street shots. Changed from Rodinal to Xtol for a try, have to say I quite like the look of it…

Okay, here we go – he probably took the expression street photography a bit too literally (he didn’t get run over by a car, I stayed and watched him leave unharmed).

Westbahnhof, Vienna. Waiting.

Random doggy.


Two men.



Accidentally set my camera to ISO 400 for the next two pictures, even though they were underexposed, they turned out quite okay… And my scanner cropped some of this picture, couldn’t get it to scan the whole negative.

Well, a bit dark to be honest… Note to myself: check ISO setting!!!

He was sketching buildings in the 1st district (Graben, Kohlmarkt).

Schönbrunn. Reading a book.

Watching a squirrel eating mushrooms in the park (if you have never seen a squirrel eat mushrooms – check here: link & link)

Fast asleep.


See the pigeon walking by?



Chairs having a day off.

Gloves having a day off. Or destroying concrete structures…

PET bottles.

Sky in Schönbrunn.


Films: Agfa APX 100 & Kodak TriX 400, both in Xtol 1+1.

Vienna June & July

As promised in the last entry, finally a bit more of my analog stuff. First few pictures were taken with my Kiev4 rangefinder – the Russian Lady on APX 100 film. We had some pretty hot and sunny days in Vienna. The light was already pretty low as I took this one.

Security Service in Vienna’s first district. If you need some security, you know where to find these guys!

She obviously hid away from the heat and found herself a nice place in the shadow to read a book.

Was waiting for some friends in a shopping mall, where they had this racing track set up. Actually it was meant for all fathers, as it was shortly befor Father’s Day, but the kids enjoyed it as well! Writing says something like “there’s always something going on here”.

Tourists seeking refreshment…

When I came to work the next day, there were firefighters all around the building, and when I went inside I heard that there had been a fire in one of the fuse boxes. I quickly went upstairs to tell the girls that we’d better leave the building and so we waited outside. Nobody informed us what was going on, so we dicided to have a coffe in the cafe opposite our office building. And then I spotted on of the firefighters walking past us with an ice cream, so I followed him and took this picture. We then assumed that it was not really a dangerous fire, otherwise he’d probably not have ice cream (at least we hoped so).

Took another one of him as they drove past us and left the scene… Turned out it really was not that dangerous, we had no electricity for the next hours, but after that – back to business as usual!

Shadows and light in the first district.

People watching a demonstration – the sign says “Abschleppzone” (tow off zone, but has a double meaning – also means hook up zone in german… don’t know if it translates at all). Probably only my twisted sense of humour…


People waiting for the demonstration to start.

Little girl spotted me taking the picture!

Flags ready for the demo…

Ah, well, football! Public viewing zone (actually a restaurant that put up a big screen), cleaning in the morning before the fun starts.

F1 Grand Prix before the match.

Different film (LegacyPro 100), different camera (Leica M6, Summicron-M 1:2,0/50), same place. Again, someone spotted me taking the picture…

Ballack also watched the match!

Gay Pride Vienna, only a few pictures, as I had to leave before it even started…

Cute, isn’t he?!

German fans also at the Gay Pride…

Posing for the press.

On my way home – these guys play great Dixieland Jazz! Really cool!

That’s all for today, there’s more to come soon!

Hope you enjoyed it, let me know what you think!

Aikido & Rain

A few pictures I took today during a demonstration of the Aikido club I train in. The weather was unsettled and it started to rain heavily as soon as the demonstration started. Note the reflections on the mats! Flying Aikidoka aren’t an uncommon sight, but usually we don’t cause reflections on the mats…

The guys and girls were soaking wet afterwards, me too, my camera as well, but it was a nice afternoon nevertheless!

Warming up…

Gi and hakama laid out to dry afterwards…