Norderney 2014

Finally, my personal holiday favourites on film. Enjoy.
















Kodak Portra 160, lab scan.


Shell Bay

Back in February on one of my trips to the UK I stayed in a hotel on Sandbanks in Poole. There is a chainferry that takes you over to Shell Bay, where you can have a lovely walk along the beach, which I did one afternoon to free up my mind and get a bit of fresh air. A rainstorm was approaching, so it was already quite dark, but the air was lovely and fresh, and the sea was ice cold (I had to wade through a small tidal creek at one point, that’s why I know).

The landscape is really picturesque and the heavy clouds did their part to make everything look quite gloomy and dramatic. I could have kept walking for hours, but the rainstorm drew in after about 50min, so I had to get back too soon.















Kodak TriX 400 in Xtol 1+1.

Jetsam & Flotsam

This is a kind of mini-project that happened during my vacations last summer in Norderney, a small German island in the North Sea. Whilst we were walking through the most beautiful landscapes, out on the beach, no people around us, just nature, we stumbeled across rubbish. Rubbish that at some point happened to end up in the sea, and the sea had washed it up on the beach. There it created a bizarre, surreal art show for us. Obviously some things were arranged, but not by us. I just documented what we found.









The list of what we found on that day:

8 pallettes

3 safety helmets

1 empty bottle of Asti (who drinks this stuff anyways)

1 red plastic box

8 shoes

1 council garbage bin

1 TV

2 couch pillows

4 orange gloves

3 pieces of fishing nets

1 rope

uncounted numbers of plastic bottles

And I think I need to get my camera’s shutter fixed, by the looks of the negatives…

Kodak Portra 160


Seems like summer needed to come to an end before I’d finally come around to do an entry with my summer holiday pictures. We went to Norderney, a small German island in the North Sea, close to the border of The Netherlands. The landscape is stunningly beautiful, so I couldn’t resist shooting a bit of landscape and shooting it in colour. Had the negatives scanned by the lab, not really happy with the quality, but after the pictures have been sitting on my hard disk for weeks now, I decided to put them up without tinkering around too much. So no need to tell me the scanning quality sucks – I know!



Mudflats at low tide. It’s lovely to walk bare feet in the soft, squishy mud.


Grass covering the sand dunes.






Those wicker beach chairs are really great, especially when you need to sit out a sudden thunderstorm at the beach. Plus they look lovely!


In total we walked over 46km in those 5 days, and most of the time we didn’t realise we already were walking for hours. It’s really, really relaxing to walk along the beach and enjoy the nature, the sea, the noise of the waves, the smell of the sea, look for sea shells, take pictures…


Once you’ve walked past the swimming beaches you are more or less alone.






The  neighbouring island (Baltrum) already coming up in the distance, as we walked to the easternmost part of Norderney.


The weather that day was changing constantly, so we had the most amazing light.



Ship-wreck at the eastern shore.


Amazing change of scenery on the inside of the island.







Possibly thousands of different hues of green.





Our last evening. Thunderstorm approaching. Lots of people were flying their kites on the beach.


The seafront.



On the ferry back. Neighbouring island Juist in the distance.


The ferries need to stick exactly to their routes, especially during low tide, as the danger of running onto a sandbank is very high. Buoys mark the right way.

All pictures Kodak Portra 160.

Vienna – Paris – Vienna

Time for some street pictures, I think. Lately I seem to get in the habit of taking ages to finish my rolls… Anyhow, some collected shots from Vienna, my short trip to Paris and the longer trip back home…

Entrance to paradise… Need to come back and re-shoot this in colour.

1st district, Vienna.

Window shoppers.

They all had the same carrier bags. Still undecided about this shot…

Wanted to take a picture of this wall, she stepped into my frame.

Stumbled upon a few of those, still can’t make any sense of them.


Partner look.

The old taking a picture of someone taking a picture of someone taking a picture story.

I went on a short trip to Paris with a few colleagues – in search for a bin at Charles de Gaulle airport I found this…

A few random snaps from Paris.

La vie en rose…

Action shooter aiming for the Eiffel tower.

I think the two of them were trying to find their way, even though it looks like he was taking a picture… Still funny somehow…

Champs Elysees. Worst place you can go in Paris, honestly. I tried to get away from there as quickly as possible (don’t ask me why I went there in the first place). There were these guys with two Lamborghini Gallardo and another expensive car (Porsche? don’t really remember…) that you could rent for 89€/h. They constantly attracted masses of people. I had to wait for a few girls from our group and watched the whole scenery, quite ridiculous, if you ask me (and yes, I do like cars, but this was really stupid). Think the kid would have liked to stop and look too, but Mum was determined to get out there quickly, like me.

We got lost around Montmartre and found a lovely Asian and African quarter. At the zebra crossing I noticed this guy with the traffic cones on his bike and snapped him. He caught me and signalled something, don’t know if he approved or disapproved, but as he was going downhill I don’t think he would have come back anyways. Imagine going uphill on a bike with traffic cones…

City maps on every corner.

He lost his head in Paris. Dropped it into the Seine perhaps…

Morning at the airport, my group waiting for the plane to arrive from Zurich. At that point we still thought we would be back home in Vienna by midday. Well, we were wrong. Zurich had snow and heavy fog, so they wouldn’t let the plane start, and when it finally arrived in Paris, they wouldn’t allow us back in to Zurich. Connecting flight was gone by the time we finally landed in Switzerland.

Our plane. We still thought we’d make it home that day.

By now we had found out we wouldn’t get home that quickly.

Zurich Kloten.

We took turns in guarding the luggage and queuing for new tickets and hotel and all of that. Have to say there could be worse airports to get stranded than Zurich. Swissair were really helpful, we got a hotel for the night, everything was covered and we got tickets for the next day. And Zurich is a really nice airport to spend some time (great Rösti too!).

While looking after the luggage I saw this guy starting a stretching routine…

Well deserved sleep after long nights in Paris.


Handing out hotel vouchers.

The girls wanted some time for a last shopping spree before heading to the hotel. Left me some time to hunt for pictures at the airport.

On the phone, latest news about our journey.

Empty luggage reclaim hall.

Next day, back home in Vienna.

And one last quick snap a few minutes before finally arriving back home.

Kodak TriX 400 in Xtol 1+1.

Styria B/W

I finally developed my one (!) roll of TriX from my holidays in Styria (which were at the beginning of August). There’s still a roll of Portra in my camera, and it still isn’t finished (yes, not much shooting after my holidays), so I thought I’d just post the b&w ones first and then do a short colour entry soon (hopefully).

We stayed in a small holiday cottage in a tiny village (well, it was not even a proper village) at the border to Slovenia amidst the vinyards. Beautiful scenery, very quiet, perfect for a few relaxing days – only thing is, there was no supermarket, not even a corner store – and we did not have a car. Well, more of that later on…

So, this was our view from the balcony:

There was a beautiful patio as well, perfect place for breakfast (or barbecue or a glass of wine).

Yes, there need to be cameras in a holiday!

Oh, and there we are on our way to the next “shopping center” – it was a 4,5hrs walk to get there and back, a 35°C summer day.

Onions drying in the sun.

Capturing butterflies on the way.

The walk itself was nice, beautiful landscape, hot summer day (well, a bit cooler would have been nice), but when we finally reached the “shopping center” – we were devastated. It was the most depressing place you could imagine. We had hoped to get some beautiful food – fresh vegetables, free range meat, everything you’d need for a wonderful holiday barbecue. But – none of this was to be found in that “shopping center”. So we basically got some sausages and a bit of basic supplies to get us through the next days. Even though it’s a good laugh now that I think of it, we were really disappointed.

So back home we walked, and we really managed to make a nice barbecue nevertheless. No doubt our “diet” was very sausage-based, but with a bit of salad and onions and bell peppers we ended up having nice evenings on the patio with our beloved grill.

Our “hard-earned” food.

Styrian apple juice.

We walked to Slovenia – this is really right at the border.

Border crossing. Horrific framing…

Another evening with barbecue…

And Styrian wine.

More to come, next time in colour!

TriX in Xtol 1+1.