More Random II

It took me ages to finish those few rolls I shot in the last months. Finally enough pictures for a short entry with some random pics.

Think these two girls were posing for a photo. 🙂

Snow (so now you know how long it took me to finish those rolls of film!).

On a plane to London.

In a pub in the UK. His night didn’t seem to be nice as pie…

At Costa Coffee.

Heading back to Heathrow. Rain. What else.

Rubbish (those who recognise the newspaper, yes, it’s rubbish).


First days of spring and finally some sun.

Stripes, no stars.

Trousers & jacket – flea market leftovers.

Snapping away.


Sunlight. 🙂

The standoff.

Beech tree in a park in Bregenz. I spent many lunch breaks under or sitting in that tree back in school.

All TriX 400 in Xtol 1+1.

Holidays in Austria

Just in between the two last posts – my cousin’s wedding and the opening party of my sister’s hairdressers salon – I’ve been travelling around a bit, as I was on holidays. Nothing fancy though, been to Graz (Styria) to see an exhibition and Bregenz to see my family.

A few frames taken still in Vienna.

Two baby buggies. One of 7 pictures that are part of the 7 Clicks Project (my pictures will be featured in the 2nd week of September).

Again taken for 7 Clicks.

In the zoo – like twins.

Watching the orang utans.

On the train to Graz. In the compartment next to ours some children were pretty bored and started jumping around on the seats, then they peeked through the window and I took this frame. When he saw me taking the picture he came over to me and asked if he was gonna be in the newspaper then… Funny!


Nice shadows in the hotel room just when I woke up.

Old lady having a coffee on her own in the morning – 7 Clicks.

In a cafe in the afternoon, camera was on the table and I tried to get a picture. Ended up a bit too dark…

Empty cups of coffee just before we left Graz (7 Clicks).

Next stop Bregenz. Took this frame from the top of the galleries of the Festspielhaus. Also did one version without people crossing the square, but it didn’t really work out – liked this version better.

At the waterfront of the Lake of Constance. Very silly pedal boat! People seemed to like it, saw it out on the lake quite a few times (7 Clicks).

Relaxing with a view on the lake (7 Clicks).

Had a “family only” afternoon in my sister’s shop, she took care of our hairstyles. Makes you feel like a celebrity somehow, as the shop was closed for everyone else apart from us.

Discussing possible new looks – prosecco is good for inspiriation!





Me with a stylish aluminium foil look (picture taken by my brother – he thought I looked funny enough to have a picture taken hehe).

My brother’s turn.

Next day – right when we left the motorway the car was behaving strangely, turned out we had a flat tyre. Dad wasn’t very happy about this, as you can imagine… As he and my brother took care of the punctured tyre there was nothing left to do for me, so I took a few pictures.

My brother pretending that he could squeeze flat the tyre with one hand…

Turns out he was just pretending!

So, that’s it – holidays are over, we’ll see when there’s time for the next entry – but I think it won’t take too long!

Film – Agfa APX 100

iPhone Fun

Played around with Polarize and Hipstamatic App for iPhone… Just for fun! On my way home from work I went the longer way round the Ringstrasse. As it had just been raining colours were quite lush…

Somewhen in the evening, underground was empty…

In the morning on my way to work I found this. The sticker says “Please insert your votes for Mrs. Rosenkranz here!” (probably only funny for Austrians… she’s a politician and it was shortly before presidential elections).

More finds on my way to work…

This is how deserts can look like in Vienna…


On the way to Zagreb. The SatNav didn’t have the latest software, so it didn’t find the newly built motorway just across the Austrian border. The SatNav lady got pretty annoyed with us as we didn’t follow her instructions. She really wanted us to turn and get off the field she thought we were driving in. We switched her off shortly after these pictures, otherways she would have probably gone insane…

Zagreb while we were trying to find our hotel (the SatNav lady again told us to do strange things, like going through pedestrian areas… Which we actually really did in the end. We drove through the pedestrian area just to find two policemen who we asked for directions. They were really friendly and showed us the way, don’t think police in Vienna would have been so nice.).

Thought I’d share the most stunning view out of a hotel room window I ever have seen…

We went to a cinema in Zagreb where I found these lamps made of film strips and reels.

In the evening we wanted to go to a concert in a squat which we found out was the next day, which meant we were there but no concert, so we stayed and had a few bottles of beer with the squatters. Cool place and nice people. This is the only picture I have, as I took some with my Russian Lady (Kiev 4 rangefinder), but all of them were rubbish (wrong film, wrong exposure, …).

Nightwalk through Zagreb… Don’t remember what these places were exactly, but they looked nice.

Back in Vienna – smoking bin…


That’s all for now! Thanks for watching!