Shell Bay

Back in February on one of my trips to the UK I stayed in a hotel on Sandbanks in Poole. There is a chainferry that takes you over to Shell Bay, where you can have a lovely walk along the beach, which I did one afternoon to free up my mind and get a bit of fresh air. A rainstorm was approaching, so it was already quite dark, but the air was lovely and fresh, and the sea was ice cold (I had to wade through a small tidal creek at one point, that’s why I know).

The landscape is really picturesque and the heavy clouds did their part to make everything look quite gloomy and dramatic. I could have kept walking for hours, but the rainstorm drew in after about 50min, so I had to get back too soon.















Kodak TriX 400 in Xtol 1+1.

Norderney & Hamburg

Some holiday snaps, iPhone only this time.


On the sleeper train to Hamburg, still in Austria.


Our hotel in Norderney.


First evening at the beach in Norderney. Tail of a kite – lots of people fly their kites everywhere on the beach.



Santa’s lost his beard…



Sunset at the beach on our first evening.


Mudflats, hiking tour along the shore.



Seagull. Or, along the lines of Monty Python, an ex-seagull.





High tide moving in.









Morning light.


Highest “mountain” on the island – ever seen a mountain where the cross on the summit is higher than the actual mountain?! 🙂


We had planned a day at the beach, but a thunderstorm came rolling in, just as we had rented our wicker beach chair. So what do you do? We decided to sit it out in our comfy beach chair.


Minutes before the rain started washing down.


Most people had fled the beach, so we were surrounded by deserted beach chairs.


Only two of our neighbours had stayed.



20 minutes later everything was over and the sun reappeared.


Best investment ever – our beach chair!


Hiking tour to the eastern part of the island.





Back home in our hotel room.


We needed a rest from all the hiking.


Blue jellyfish.


RGB still life shortly before leaving.


Hamburg. Hotel still life (shot by my boyfriend).



Fish puzzle @ Altonaer Museum.


They had funny mirrors as well.



Under Lombardsbrücke (again, shot by my boyfriend).


Leaving Hamburg, homeward bound.



Early morning in the sleeper train, almost home.


Lushfest 2012

Like last year the annual big meeting of Lush people from around the world was a mixture of meeting and festival. Again the wonderful site of Holton Lee welcomed us for 5 days.

Unlike last year, where it was really, really cold especially during the nights, it was warmer, but we all faced a new challenge – heavy rain and the subsequent mud. But this didn’t keep us from having fun and enjoying the whole 5 days. Very much like last year, the first two days were dedicated to training sessions and product launches (a bit more about this a bit later in this post), and the last two days were the festival days open to the public with lots of bands, workshops, making our own products, and of course – lots of rain and mud (did I tell you this before? I just keep telling because I didn’t take that many pictures of the actual muddiness so it doesn’t really show on my pictures, as it was partly too wet even for my Leica).

So, basically this is my selection of my favourite pictures I took during those 5 days.

First signs of mud. It had rained heavily for days and days before we came to the site at Holton Lee in Poole, Dorset, so the ground was already very soft. It didn’t take long to turn large areas into deep mud.

Snapshots during the training day.

Taking notes.

More notes.

A chunk of soap to take home.

Wellies – our best friends during these days.

But we had two lovely, sunny days as well.

Fighting Animal Testing in Korean (at least I think this is what the writing says).

Heading to the Set in Stone stone circle, where a new range of Gorilla Perfumes was about to be launched. The stones in the circle were scented with the new frangrances, and a set of music composed for the fragrances by Simon Richmond and  John Metcalfe was performed life. To read more about the new fragrances, go and visit the Gorilla Perume blog.

It was really crowded, so for me the whole atomsphere and the music was a bit difficult to enjoy, still I liked the way how the fragrances were launched. The stone circle stayed there anyways, so I came back a few days later to experience the whole site on my own. And to take pictures, of course! I saw the site and felt it needed to be in colour, so scroll down a bit to see those impressions as well.

Life performance of the set of music especially composed for the six fragrances.

I switched to colour, just had to. Lush is a colourful company after all…

Our tents in the evening.

We had a ferris wheel on the site (of which I didn’t take a picture, don’t ask me why), but I took a ride, and this is how the muddiness looked from above. But this is still looking quite nice, compared to two days later!

My wellies.

Mixing their own lipsticks.


Inside my tent.

Jackie Oates on stage.

Well, beer and a broken chair. Obvisously.

So here we go… Mud… In heavy rain.

But luckily there were gigs like The Dhol Foundation who had us dance until we felt warm and dry again!

Even the flamingoes liked it!

And after one day and night of heavy rain, this is how it looked the next morning! Unbelieveable!

Some tents had suffered quite a lot…

Holton Lee is right at the sea, so we went down to the beach to enjoy a little bit of sun and the sea breeze.

Catching shrimps – the were set free again immediately after we had had a look, don’t worry!

The camping village.

Exhausted. It was even muddy inside the tents…

A rainbow in the afternoon.

I went back to the stone circle to experience it on my own – the rainbow was still there!

That dead tree was so impressive, especially in the evening light, just beautiful.

The light, the light… Love it…


Evening sun. And mud.

Even the rainbow was a bit muddy. Yes, that’s soap btw.

Best food ever – the guys from Wholefood Heaven did amazing food, which helped keeping me warm and happy. Thanks so much! Having good food makes such a difference! 🙂 If you ever find them somewhere around London or on a festival, try the Buddha Bowl, you won’t regret it, I promise!

Fun (thanks, Nora, for the idea!).


English mud in my shower back home.

Despite the rain and the mud I have to say I really enjoyed those 5 days, the concerts were great, and meeting so many wonderful people was a lovely experience!

Thanks for all the work that went into organising Lushfest, guys! If you could switch off the rain next time, that would be great, but hey, we had a real British experience that way!

Nevertheless, being back home in my bed was nice too… 🙂

Films: Kodak TriX 400 in Xtol 1+1 & Portra 400.

In the Woods

The last time I stayed in the UK, I was booked into a hotel at the outskirts of London, so while I couldn’t sneak out for a quick shopping tour or some hours of street shooting in the city, the hotel had a large golf course. I’m not interested in golf at all, but having the possibility to go for a walk and enjoying a few minutes of fresh air is really great, so after one long day of meetings I did exactly this.

Leaving the golf course I found this:

Film: Kodak Portra 400.

More Random II

It took me ages to finish those few rolls I shot in the last months. Finally enough pictures for a short entry with some random pics.

Think these two girls were posing for a photo. 🙂

Snow (so now you know how long it took me to finish those rolls of film!).

On a plane to London.

In a pub in the UK. His night didn’t seem to be nice as pie…

At Costa Coffee.

Heading back to Heathrow. Rain. What else.

Rubbish (those who recognise the newspaper, yes, it’s rubbish).


First days of spring and finally some sun.

Stripes, no stars.

Trousers & jacket – flea market leftovers.

Snapping away.


Sunlight. 🙂

The standoff.

Beech tree in a park in Bregenz. I spent many lunch breaks under or sitting in that tree back in school.

All TriX 400 in Xtol 1+1.

Random Findings

From a few weeks ago – great light.

She was waiting for her food to arrive and enjoyed the autumn sun.



Busy people.

City cowboy.

Drums and a bike.


Rainy weather.

National holiday in Austria, the army usually organises an event to present themselves to the public (not very fond of that event, but went there to take pictures anyways).

Eurofighter wing.


People queuing to meet the Bundeskanzler.


More queuing.

More watching.

Wiener Wasser (Viennese water).

On my way home…


They looked a bit lost.

Father & son?

A last one of people watching…

Back home – Sachertorte.

A last cup of tea and then off to develop the rolls of the day.

Films: TriX 400 & Agfa APX 100 in Xtol 1+1

Hipstamatic VII

Haven’t done much street shooting during the last weeks. So just a few Hipstamatic snapshots from the last weeks and months.

Gritting salt and water. It was still freezing cold when I took these pictures.

Morning light in the tram. Full quote on the bag was “Fuck you …Picasso (Pollock). Might be a bit mis-quoted, I think…

RGB & Y.

Been on planes too often during the last months…

Rainy days in the UK.

Lush greens in Vienna.

Hope you enjoyed!


It’s been a while since my last entry – I just couldn’t take any pictures. Didn’t feel “it” when I was walking around in the city and whenever I forced myself to just take some pictures, they were crap… But after I was in the UK again and did a lovely trip on a fishing boat (amongst other things), I finally have a few (quite random) pictures to share.

This one is in Vienna – Westbahnhof. The background is quite confusing and distracting a bit…

Vienna, Judenplatz. Holocaust Memorial.

Beautiful pattern on the tarmac, gritting salt leftovers.

This is one of te weirdest window displays I have ever seen. I came across this when walking past a bakery in my neighbourhood a few days after Peter Alexander, a famous Austrian entertainer, had died. It’s his portrait in the window…

Ordering pizza.

Breakfast in the city.


This was at Heathrow Terminal 5, this guy obviously was waiting for someone. I found his fake Lederhosen quite cool!

The sea.

Wings. Or what was left of them…


Boats being taken back by nature.

Did a little photo hunt with a colleague.

Fishing industry.

We did a boat trip to see how seaweed is harvested (which is actually just ripped of stones). We had lovely weather – great to be on the water! Pete, who ownes the boat, also has a fish restaurant, so if you ever happen to be in Poole, Dorset, go and have some of his lovely fish in Storm Restaurant – I promise, it’s totally worth it! Best fish I have ever eaten!

Life jackets.

My lovely colleagues.

Back at the airport. Sleeping people.

Back in Vienna, where it was cold an rainy – English weather in Austria, luckily I got some sunshine in England!

That’s it for today, just scanning two rolls I shot today (alongside some colour film) in the Prater, wating to see how the pictures turned out. But just the fact that I shot three rolls today, which is more than I shot in the last few weeks and I even enjoyed it, is a good sign after all…

Films as usual TriX 400 in Rodinal 1+50.

More rain, brass band festival aftermath and other street stuff

On my way to the Aikido demonstration (pictures in one of my earlier blog entries: it started to rain like hell, so I stayed at the tramway stop where I had got off and waited. After a few moments the first people started taking cover at the tramway stop as well. As I had to wait anyway I took a few pictures. Most of the people were wearing raincoats they had got for free, as there was a big event going on and companies gave them away as promotion stuff.

A family hurrying towards a dry place…

They had already arrived and started taking off their hoods, watching out for the next tram.

Alone at the bus stop, she was kind of trapped there, as there was no bus service that day, but the rain was too heavy to go somewhere else.


Another day…

It was really hot, bright sunshine. On my way home I passed the city hall, where a festival of Austrian brass bands had just ended. A few of the brass band people were still hanging around or making a fool of themselves after drinking a bit more as they could handle. Actually very funny to watch! For sure more fun than listening to the actual festival… Brass bands are not my favourite as you can guess.

These three started praticing marching in step (drunk!) and a bypasser joined in and walked after them. Unfortunately exposure was far from perfect, so the picture is a bit messed up…

Around the corner another group was posing for some tourists. All the brass band people were dressed in local traditional costumes, so obviously a perfect picture for tourists!

Same scene seen from the front…

Two girls taking a rest, they looked tired. Probably all the marching and drinking and brass band partying had worn them out…

I realized I had captured several people just sitting on benches, steps, etc… Kind of accidental mini-series of sitting people…

Two ladies.

Rather unhappy couple having a break.

Cheery guys, they saw me taking the picture and he started waving!

Sitting on concrete globes is also a possibity to have a rest.

More globes more people…

Stripes everywhere…

Posing for the photographer…




Kiosk, seemed to be closed down…

In passing Palais Liechtenstein…

That’s it for today…

All pictures taken with my Kiev4 rangefinder and Tri-X 400.