Wiener Prater – B/W

Here come the black & white pictures I took last Sunday alsongside the coloured ones (see last blog entry for those).

In the subway on my way to the Prater.

Wrapped dustbin.


Serious picture taking.

A couple of couples in the next frames…

Cotton candy.

He kept standing there for the longest time.

The little one changed his means of transport and was eager to have a go on the bumper car.

Enjoying the Sunday afternoon.

This is what individualism looks like! 🙂


Another couple.


Two plus one.

Three plus two.

Chair art close-up.

The whole thing.

Usual combo TriX 400 in Rodinal 1+50.


It’s been a while since my last entry – I just couldn’t take any pictures. Didn’t feel “it” when I was walking around in the city and whenever I forced myself to just take some pictures, they were crap… But after I was in the UK again and did a lovely trip on a fishing boat (amongst other things), I finally have a few (quite random) pictures to share.

This one is in Vienna – Westbahnhof. The background is quite confusing and distracting a bit…

Vienna, Judenplatz. Holocaust Memorial.

Beautiful pattern on the tarmac, gritting salt leftovers.

This is one of te weirdest window displays I have ever seen. I came across this when walking past a bakery in my neighbourhood a few days after Peter Alexander, a famous Austrian entertainer, had died. It’s his portrait in the window…

Ordering pizza.

Breakfast in the city.


This was at Heathrow Terminal 5, this guy obviously was waiting for someone. I found his fake Lederhosen quite cool!

The sea.

Wings. Or what was left of them…


Boats being taken back by nature.

Did a little photo hunt with a colleague.

Fishing industry.

We did a boat trip to see how seaweed is harvested (which is actually just ripped of stones). We had lovely weather – great to be on the water! Pete, who ownes the boat, also has a fish restaurant, so if you ever happen to be in Poole, Dorset, go and have some of his lovely fish in Storm Restaurant – I promise, it’s totally worth it! Best fish I have ever eaten!

Life jackets.

My lovely colleagues.

Back at the airport. Sleeping people.

Back in Vienna, where it was cold an rainy – English weather in Austria, luckily I got some sunshine in England!

That’s it for today, just scanning two rolls I shot today (alongside some colour film) in the Prater, wating to see how the pictures turned out. But just the fact that I shot three rolls today, which is more than I shot in the last few weeks and I even enjoyed it, is a good sign after all…

Films as usual TriX 400 in Rodinal 1+50.

Vienna – Manchester – Poole

I just returned from a (business) trip to the UK. Usually I don’t manage to shoot any pictures whenever I’m not travelling for private purposes, don’t know why, it just seems that my brain is too busy or too exhausted to even see stuff that usually would make my finger itch to push the trigger. This time I thought I would give it a try and managed to expose one roll after all – I know, not much, but still a little improvement.

But first some pictures from Vienna, the first ones taken this year.

At McD.

Sunday morning after visiting the René Burri exhibition.

Weird window display.

On that morning on my way to work I noticed how strange the sunlight looked. It took me about 20 minutes to realize/remember, that there was a partial solar eclipse on that morning (yes, I’m not a morning person… really slow thinking at that time of the day…). There were people trying to see the obscured sun – that’s how I finally realized why the light looked so differently.

A plastic pig in a car…

More solar eclipse watching.

There were also lots of cool reflections everywhere.

At Starbucks. Actually I just wanted to prove to my boyfriend that most of the time people don’t realize/mind that you are taking pictures of them. Seems I was right! 🙂

These are just ordinary ice floes, but it came out kinda strange…


I really like this one! When I saw her I just hoped she would hold the pose until I pressed the shutter, as I had to get nearer to make the frame work. And I really got lucky this time!

“Du hast es in der Hand” – “It’s in your hands”

Quite windy in the city these days.

Espresso before boarding the plane to London.

I just love it when all of a sudden the sunlight comes in through the window.

Yes – clichĂ©.

This was the view out of my hotel room in Manchester, the sun was just rising, it was beautiful!

A few random shots taken in Manchester.

Before I had to leave to head back South I went and had a look at Claire’s exhibition – there are just a few days left, but if you have the chance, go and have a look:

Colour Street Photography by Claire Atkinson

Tesco bag – tells you that you’re in the UK. On the train to Poole.

Fast asleep.

Poole Harbour at night. 1/4 second @ 2.0.

Sandbanks Ferry Terminal.

I think it’s Old Harry Rocks in the far distance… Anyway, the view on the sea was beautiful and really relaxing.

All pictures Trix 400 in Rodinal 1+50.

Last Frames of the Old Year

Thought I’d share the last few frames of the old year with you.


Working place of a Christmas tree vendor.

Angels also do window shopping sometimes.

The writing on the bench says “Christmas is going to be wonderful”.

People buying Christmas trees on 23rd of December.

On the morning of 24th of December I went on a small tour to wish all my colleagues in Vienna a Merry Christmas, as I already had holidays. Walked through the city and watched other people being in a hurry and carrying home their Christmas trees.

The guy walking around the corner looks a bit like Jean Reno to me.

More Christmas tree carrying.

Snack while reading the latest news.

And a last one on my way home.

So, that’s it for 2010!

I wish you all a happy new year!

All pictures TriX 400 in Rodinal 1+50.

Winter in Vienna, December 2010

Again be prepared for lots of snow, I can’t help it. I just have to take pictures when it snows, no matter how tired I am or how late it is.

Took this picture during my lunch break. Don’t know where that massive glow on the table comes from.

I know it’s a clichĂ© shot, but I couldn’t resist.

Christmas trees everywhere.

Shoveling snow.


Paperbag in the snow.

Preparing the little one for the cold weather.


Christmas market.

Poor Christmas tree was chained to the wall.

First district at night covered in snow. And again lots of Christmas trees everywhere.

Christmas lights. You can see that it was snowing quite heavily that night.

Frosty the Snowman…

More snow…

And more Christmas lights…

Really liked how this one turned out…

George Clooney watching over the closed Christmas market.

Found two little snowmen on the closed market and used my last two frames of the roll for them.

Next entry coming soon, I think there will be more snow, not sure though, Christmas always seems to blur my memory…

Film: TriX 400 in Rodinal 1+50.

First Snow

Winter has arrived as it seems, since last Sunday Vienna is covered in snow. I have to admit, I love snow. Even the smell of snow makes me happy. Considered this, Vienna is for sure not the best place to live, as it snows way to little for my taste, even more so when you have grown up in the West of Austria, where there’s usually lots of snow.

It’s probably also a childhood memory thing, why I love snow so much, don’t know. Whenever it starts snowing, I go for a walk in the snow, even if it’s in the middle of the night. Winter nights are so peaceful, everythings looks beautiful and clean, it’s quiet and the air has that fresh, slightly smoky smell.

Well, as it did finally snow, I took pictures of the city covered in snow. I was only able to take pictures after work (Christmas time is coming – so long working hours), which means again it was already dark outside, but the snow made everything really bright – amazing how much more light there is as soon as there is snow.

The first few pictures were taken a few days before it started to snow.

Took this one while I was sitting in a McDonalds.

A Christmasy version of a merry-go-round. Even the Coke Christmas truck was there…

Lonely cup of mulled wine at the Christmas market. Love how the shiny table cloth stuff turned out.

Misplaced shopping carts.

Okay, now for the snowy part. Went out when it started to snow, it was around 10 pm. Found a Christmas tree covered in snow. The picture came out pretty dark, but after all it was dark and I liked how it looked…

Christmas tree and church windows.

Vienna streets at night, everything covered in snow.

Another evening, around St. Stephen’s cathedral, 1st district. I really hate it when they start clearing the roads, then you end up with brown mush of snow insted of proper, beautiful snow… Ugh… But a bit of nice snow was still left.

Workers clearing the street.

Fairy lights everywhere…

Liked how this one turned out. See the mush?

Glowing orbs.

You need lots of these to put up all the fairy lights in the streets.

Frozen King Drink.

More Christmas trees.

Pure Austrian Christmas kitsch- how more Austrian can you get?! Mozartkugel glitter balls on a snow covered Christmas tree.

Closing time for the sweet shop.

Wish you all a wonderful Winter time with lots of snow, or – if you don’t like snow and Winter – warm and cosy moments at home!

Film – TriX 400 in Rodinal 1+50

Dark November

Been trying to cope with the lack of sun and daylight during the last weeks by experimenting with pushed TriX. Found it quite challenging to expose in the night with all the highly illuminated shop windows and at the same time rather dark areas in one frame… Any tips/ideas?

On my way to work I found these guys pumping wine into the Christmas market stall. They also had some pre-mixed mulled wine concentrate in canisters in their van. Guess you better make your own mulled wine at home just to make sure that what you’re drinking is really wine!

Some shots taken after work as it was already dark outside.

Two ladies while window shopping.

Buying chestnuts.

Christmas lights.

Busy on the phone.

Again chestnuts.

This guy was filming the people around a Christmas market stall.

Little spiderman playing computer games while the grwon-ups around him are busy drinking mulled wine.

Somewhat scary display in a Christmas market stall.

Drinking mulled wine with some of my colleagues.

If some of you remember my entry about people queuing for the Frida Kahlo exhibition – here I found some people queuing for Schnitzel. =)

Out of service.

Again the guys with the wine pump.

Was meant to be just a test shot, but I liked how it came out.

Saw this guy in the tram writing music on his macbook, next to his cello. Just made me think that it felt kinda Viennese to me….

Transporting a large painting.

Out in the cold on the phone.

Again the Christmas lights thing…

Stupid newspaper. Says something like “the new Lady Di”. I always wonder how they manage to write the most stupid things everyday. I mean it’s probably quite hard to come up with all this ridiculous stuff all the time, but somehow they manage… Well…

All shots Trix 400 @ 3200 in Rodinal 1+50.

Lost Furniture and some Formula 1

As I messed up most of the frames on the last rolls, only a few random ones for now – actually the only ones that came out halfway decent.

It’s already dark outside when I leave the office now, so I gave shooting in the darkness a try. Nice when people are focused on their digi cam screens, means they don’t notice you! =)

On my way to a Chinese restaurant where I was meeting up with friends for dinner I found a broken clotheshorse…

…and a cupboard.

Watching the second last formula 1 race of this season. We had all the stuff we needed – iPad to track all the racing data, beer, big tv screen and great food later on.

F1 car off the racing track – shock!

TriX 400 @ 3200 in ROdinal 1+50


On National Holiday (26th of October) you could see these piggy balloons everywhere in the city, symbolising piggy banks as a sign of protest against the just released national budget.

A few days later there was a big protest march – mainly by students, but a lot of other people and organisations also took part, as the new budget means massive cutbacks for most of the people in Austria, not only for students.

I didn’t stay until the end, just snapped a few pictures…

This guy was using the opportunity to sell his newspaper (a newspaper made by homeless people in Vienna). He actually sold quite a lot!

Liked the following series of three pictures the most of all the pictures I had taken that day.

The atmosphere was really relaxed, even the police. Not happy with the framing though…

TriX400 in Rodinal 1+50


Vienna, October 2010

I haven’t had as much time as planned to take pictures during the last few days off work, to be honest, I didn’t even finish one single roll of film, but hey, that’s life… But here are a few pictures from a while ago.

Been to Schönbrunn and made a few shots to practice exposure…

Typical scene in a Viennese café (Aida).

Nice shadows.

Tip toeing.

Having a rest.

Same place, a few hours later.

Saw this guy holding up the frame on the street, he seemed to be video taping himself, but I didn’t find out what he was actually doing.

On the lookout.

Window shopping.

That’s all for today!

Film: TriX400 in Rodinal 1+50.