Jetsam & Flotsam

This is a kind of mini-project that happened during my vacations last summer in Norderney, a small German island in the North Sea. Whilst we were walking through the most beautiful landscapes, out on the beach, no people around us, just nature, we stumbeled across rubbish. Rubbish that at some point happened to end up in the sea, and the sea had washed it up on the beach. There it created a bizarre, surreal art show for us. Obviously some things were arranged, but not by us. I just documented what we found.









The list of what we found on that day:

8 pallettes

3 safety helmets

1 empty bottle of Asti (who drinks this stuff anyways)

1 red plastic box

8 shoes

1 council garbage bin

1 TV

2 couch pillows

4 orange gloves

3 pieces of fishing nets

1 rope

uncounted numbers of plastic bottles

And I think I need to get my camera’s shutter fixed, by the looks of the negatives…

Kodak Portra 160

Norderney & Hamburg

Some holiday snaps, iPhone only this time.


On the sleeper train to Hamburg, still in Austria.


Our hotel in Norderney.


First evening at the beach in Norderney. Tail of a kite – lots of people fly their kites everywhere on the beach.



Santa’s lost his beard…



Sunset at the beach on our first evening.


Mudflats, hiking tour along the shore.



Seagull. Or, along the lines of Monty Python, an ex-seagull.





High tide moving in.









Morning light.


Highest “mountain” on the island – ever seen a mountain where the cross on the summit is higher than the actual mountain?! 🙂


We had planned a day at the beach, but a thunderstorm came rolling in, just as we had rented our wicker beach chair. So what do you do? We decided to sit it out in our comfy beach chair.


Minutes before the rain started washing down.


Most people had fled the beach, so we were surrounded by deserted beach chairs.


Only two of our neighbours had stayed.



20 minutes later everything was over and the sun reappeared.


Best investment ever – our beach chair!


Hiking tour to the eastern part of the island.





Back home in our hotel room.


We needed a rest from all the hiking.


Blue jellyfish.


RGB still life shortly before leaving.


Hamburg. Hotel still life (shot by my boyfriend).



Fish puzzle @ Altonaer Museum.


They had funny mirrors as well.



Under Lombardsbrücke (again, shot by my boyfriend).


Leaving Hamburg, homeward bound.



Early morning in the sleeper train, almost home.


Vienna – Bournemouth – London

These are the last pictures from my week in the UK plus a few from Vienna. Just imagine the ones of the “The Passing of Time” entry mixed into these, as I also took them during the same time frame.

Starting off in Vienna.

Hiding behind a book.

In the morning on my way to work.

Beautiful light patterns – sunlight reflected by windows.

I thought she was carrying a picture, but after I took the frame I went in front of her and saw that the other side of the canvas was empty as well…


Don’t know what she was carrying around there…

Smoking area at Gatwick Airport – made me laugh!

Bournemouth, Dorset. That day was pretty cold and windy, but I just had to go to the beach. Don’t know what it is about the sea, but listening to its sound and watching the waves just frees my mind and helps me to relax.

These two were so funny, they wanted to take pictures with the deckchair, but it was so windy that it was quite a struggle to get it set up, and as I got nearer I also took two pictures of them. They almost fell over from laughing while finally taking the pictures.

Lonely skater.

The pier, Bournemouth.

This is what my hairstyle looked like after coming home from the beach – you can tell it was windy out there!

Next day was warm and sunny. A surfer walking by.

Water & sand.

Again the pier.

Hotel corridor in London.

Trying to find his way around London.

This one’s for my sister, I guess she will know why! 😉

Empty papercups at Starbucks.

Oxford Street, Saturday around 5pm. It was pure madness, and even though I pretty much managed to avoid this street (I always try to, it’s just too much for me), I needed to go through about 100m of Oxford Street, and it took me ages to get through and away.

The Strand around 8am, still deserted, quite a contrast to Oxford Street the afternoon before.

Couldn’t resist taking this one.

Films – TriX 400 & APX 100 in Rodinal 1+50.

Vienna – Manchester – Poole

I just returned from a (business) trip to the UK. Usually I don’t manage to shoot any pictures whenever I’m not travelling for private purposes, don’t know why, it just seems that my brain is too busy or too exhausted to even see stuff that usually would make my finger itch to push the trigger. This time I thought I would give it a try and managed to expose one roll after all – I know, not much, but still a little improvement.

But first some pictures from Vienna, the first ones taken this year.

At McD.

Sunday morning after visiting the René Burri exhibition.

Weird window display.

On that morning on my way to work I noticed how strange the sunlight looked. It took me about 20 minutes to realize/remember, that there was a partial solar eclipse on that morning (yes, I’m not a morning person… really slow thinking at that time of the day…). There were people trying to see the obscured sun – that’s how I finally realized why the light looked so differently.

A plastic pig in a car…

More solar eclipse watching.

There were also lots of cool reflections everywhere.

At Starbucks. Actually I just wanted to prove to my boyfriend that most of the time people don’t realize/mind that you are taking pictures of them. Seems I was right! 🙂

These are just ordinary ice floes, but it came out kinda strange…


I really like this one! When I saw her I just hoped she would hold the pose until I pressed the shutter, as I had to get nearer to make the frame work. And I really got lucky this time!

“Du hast es in der Hand” – “It’s in your hands”

Quite windy in the city these days.

Espresso before boarding the plane to London.

I just love it when all of a sudden the sunlight comes in through the window.

Yes Рclich̩.

This was the view out of my hotel room in Manchester, the sun was just rising, it was beautiful!

A few random shots taken in Manchester.

Before I had to leave to head back South I went and had a look at Claire’s exhibition – there are just a few days left, but if you have the chance, go and have a look:

Colour Street Photography by Claire Atkinson

Tesco bag – tells you that you’re in the UK. On the train to Poole.

Fast asleep.

Poole Harbour at night. 1/4 second @ 2.0.

Sandbanks Ferry Terminal.

I think it’s Old Harry Rocks in the far distance… Anyway, the view on the sea was beautiful and really relaxing.

All pictures Trix 400 in Rodinal 1+50.